The Top Destinations In The U.S. For Snow Tubing

At some point in their life, most people have dreamt of shooting down an epic mountainside on a pair of skis, shredding fresh powder before sliding into a beautiful resort at the bottom of the hill for a perfect cup of hot chocolate. However, not everyone is blessed with the same athletic ability. But that doesn’t mean that the clumsier of us can’t also enjoy the slopes.

Enter the snow tube.

Tubing requires far less natural skill and it can be just as fun. You simply sit and hold on. Here are some of the best places in the U.S. to go snow tubing.

Camelback Mountain Resort

Tannersville, PA

We’ll start with the big dog. Camelback Mountain Resort in Tannersville, PA is the largest snow tubing destination in the United States. What really makes this destination a must-do is the “Galactic Snowtubing,” which allows riders to shoot down any of the 42 different lanes while LED lights and music create a hillside party after the sun goes down.

Badlands Sno Park

Hudson, WI

If you have a wide range of ages in your party, Badlands Sno Park in Hudson, WI is a great option. The resort offers multiple tube lanes for riders of any age and skill level. The smallest kids can play all day on the Bunny Hill, but it’s the older kids that are in for the treat. At 1,300 vertical feet, the Turbo slope is the tallest tubing lane in the Midwest.

Killington Ski Resort

Killington, VT

Vermont has long been a popular ski destination in the U.S., but it’s also a great place for snow tubers, too. The Killington Ski Resort offers several different lanes for riders to enjoy, with lifts to take you to the tops of the hills. There’s also a great café when you need to grab a snack. Vermont residents get discounts on lift tickets. If you’re not into the cold weather, you can also visit the resort in the summertime for Terra Tubing!

Keystone Resort

Keystone, CO

The Keystone Resort in Keystone, CO is another great destination for families. Tubers can enjoy the slopes both during the day and night. Plus, the resort offers a completely free area for smaller kids who might not be ready for the bigger hills.