Top Camper Van Recommendations

Make no mistake, camper vans have made a serious comeback. With the modern workforce working more and more from home, it also means that many of those folks are hitting the road in a “home” on wheels. As such, camper vans have become insanely luxurious and convenient. Just about anyone with an imagination and some carpentry skills can pick up an old, used van and turn it into an epic camper solution, but this past year saw a lot of companies offering pre-made camper vans, albeit for a much higher price that you could find as a DIY-er. Here’s a look at some of the top camper van options for those who don’t want to build one themselves.

Outside Van

Outside Van is a company based out of Oregon, and their product is designed for the serious outdoors lover. It’s also designed for someone with a serious budget, as the base for the van is a Mercedes-Benz 170 3500 Sprinter, and fully outfitted it will run you $240,000. It’s a 4×4 so you can take it over some pretty rough terrain if you choose. The van also comes outfitted with an awesome bike storage system under the bed and an electrical charging system that can do just about everything—from charging electric bikes to running a rooftop air conditioner.

Off Grid Adventure Vans

This Maryland-based company builds camper vans that are more in line with the budgets that the rest of us are probably more comfortable with. You’ll spend $30k to get the sprinter van, plus another $30k to have it fully outfitted to be a fully functional home on wheels. So, for $60k, you’ll get a solid vehicle, plus a full-size Murphy bed and plenty of room in the dining and living areas. In fact, you can even host a dinner party if you want, as the bench seats will accommodate up to six people around the removable table. Plus, you also get a toilet and shower. Off Grid Adventure Vans is the only outfitter on the East coast so you can expect them to be busy!


ModVans is based out of California, and it’s the most versatile option on our list. The vehicle can easily be reconfigured to serve as not only a camper van but also a passenger vehicle (with seating for 5) or even a work truck. It’s built onto a Ford Transit chassis and has modular components so you can change the layout to fit your needs. It also comes with upper and lower beds, thanks to the pop-up top so you can have friends over if you choose!