Tips For Staying Healthy While Camping

It’s hard to deny just how great a past time camping with your family can be, but nothing can turn that camping trip sour faster than one of your party coming down with an illness. There’s not much you can do if they’re sick before they ever head out, but you can take some preventative steps to ensure that your party doesn’t sick while you’re camping. Here are two top tips for staying healthy while camping.

Make sure your water is safe to drink.

Water represents the number 1 way in which you can get sick while camping. It’s critical that you only drink water that you know, for sure, is a clean and bacteria free. Remember, even flowing water that appears to be crystal clear likely has microscopic parasites in it that can make you seriously ill.

If you’re collecting water from natural sources, boil it for at least three minutes to kill bacteria, if you’re at higher elevations you should at least double that boiling time.

You can also filter your water using a mechanical filter, and there are plenty of good ones available on the market. The Sawyer brand has a great assortment of portable filters to choose from.

Another option is to use purifying tablets. Just follow the directions on the package and make sure you give them enough time to work before drinking.

Handle camp food appropriately.

Proper handling and cooking of food are just as important as making sure your water is clean. The first step to healthy camp cooking is to make sure your hands are as clean as possible when handling your food. Pack some hand sanitizer and environmentally-friendly soap and scrub up.

When thawing meat, try to avoid just leaving it out at “room temperature.”  Instead, chill some water to around 40 degrees and let it soak until thawed. You can also throw frozen meat right on the grill frozen, just start cooking at a lower temperature before cranking up the heat.

While it may seem blasphemous to some, cooking meats to well-done will ensure that you kill any bacteria that might have tagged along during your trek to the campsite.