Tips For Camping With Your Baby

Tips For Camping With Your Baby

If you’re a new parent, we don’t have to tell you that a baby is going to present a serious challenge when it comes to doing the things you used to love. If hiking and camping happened to be a couple of those activities, you may think that it will be years before you have the chance to hit the great outdoors again. But with the proper planning, you can bring baby along with you on the trail with minimal headaches. Here are some tips for hiking and camping with your baby.

When it comes to camping with a baby, the key is to bring the right gear and supplies.


Tips For Camping With Your Baby

When it comes to packing clothing for your baby, the rules are pretty simple. Use the same mentality as when you pack for yourself. You’ll want to pack long pants and long sleeves. Bring a layer for baby to wear underneath, and don’t forget raingear. If the weather is going to be cooler, you’ll also want to pack some warm socks and a hat. And when in doubt, bring some extra layers.


If your baby eats baby food, the squeeze pouches you can buy at the store are pretty lightweight and easy to pack. If you have an infant, breastfeeding is just as easy on the trail, or you can bring powdered formula and mix it with purified water. Bringing milk along with you can be tricky unless you’re just car camping and you’ll have a cooler to keep it cold.


This is the one that scares many parents. The first step is to consider how long your trip will be and then figure out how many diapers your baby would go through in that time span. Now add three more for safety. In addition to the diapers, add a small changing pad, a stock of wipes, and some Purell. When you change a diaper, throw the dirty one in a storage bag. Better yet, double bag it and don’t forget to hang it in a bear bag or canister at the end of the day and pack everything out with you when you leave.

Bag And Pad

Tips For Camping With Your Baby

When it comes to sleeping, go with a wider sleeping bag than you normally would so you and baby can cuddle without feeling too cramped. The same goes for a sleeping pad. Opt for a model that is at least 25 inches wide. If you’re hiking with a partner, you can zip two bags together and put the baby between you.