Tips For Beginning Surfers

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports you can undertake, but there are plenty of factors you must consider before you jump into the culture. It’s not as simple as just buying a board and hitting the beach. Here are some tips for beginning surfers that are sure to keep you enjoying the lifestyle for many years to come.

Learn the right way.

If you’ve never surfed before, don’t just pick up a board and hit the water expecting to master the sport right off the bat. You can hurt yourself or worse. Instead, do some research and find a good surf clinic or private instructor to teach you. It won’t be hard to find reviews on any instructors you come across, so pick one that you know loves the sport and conveys that same love to their students.

Pick the right board.

This one could just as easily read “pick a BIG board.”  Large boards (longboards) will float easier and they’re much easier to learn on. You should consider renting a board to start out, but there are plenty of affordable models to purchase once you get hooked on the sport.

Use a leash. Always.

Keeping your board leashed to your ankle can literally save your life, so make sure you always have one. No exceptions.

Research locations.

While tackling a monster wave at Banzai Pipeline might seem appealing, you need to make sure the waves you’re surfing as a beginner are friendly toward new surfers. You’ll want steady waves that aren’t too large while you’re picking up the basics of the sport. Banzai will wait for you…


Make no mistake about it:  you’re in for one hell of a workout!  If you’ve never surfed, you’re likely going to tax muscles you never even knew you had, so take some time to stretch before you hit the water.

Respect your elders.

When we say “elders,” we’re not referring to an age thing. If there are a lot of experienced surfers in a specific area, you should consider moving down the beach. As a beginner, you’ll likely make mistakes (i.e. wipe out) and you don’t want to be in the way of the guys and gals that are trying to get in as many waves as they can before heading off to their day/night jobs!