Check Out This App For Finding Privately Owned Campsites To Rent

Such websites as HomeAway and Airbnb have revolutionized the way people book accommodations for their vacations. However, when it comes to those of us who like to camp, we’ve been pretty much restricted to the old state and federal websites when it comes to reserving our campsites for our getaways. Now, a new app has emerged that allows avid campers to book sites on privately owned land and rent them for varying lengths of time, much like you would a home or apartment via Airbnb.

The app is called Hipcamp and it really promotes the concept of “land sharing.”

Through the app, landowners can list the properties that they’re willing to allow campers to rent, much like Airbnb homeowners. Campers can search a variety of property types, including nature preserves, farms and ranches. There are even some options for camping right in the middle of a private vineyard!  As with any good property rental app, Hipcamp will allow you to sort the properties using any number of filters like price, location and availability.

Currently, there are about 285,000 properties listed on Hipcamp. The properties range from private land where you can set up your tent to private cabins. The landowners receive the same benefits that similar property owners on Airbnb receive. They get insurance options to cover their property and their guests and Hipcamp covers all the marketing activities for them.

be found for the same price, if not cheaper, than most public sites. There are plenty of sites that cost a bit more than your average site in a state or federal park, but the benefits are worth the extra cash. First off, you’re likely to have an entire plot of land to yourself and that extra privacy is invaluable to many campers. Also, private landowners are likely to keep their property in much better condition than your average KOA or government-run campsite.

Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly campsites, beach camping or ritzy “glamping” options, head over to and check out all the options currently available!