The Lakes Of Northern California Are About To Become Prime Spot For Camping, Boating, And Fishing

Northern California and the Sierra Nevada are about to become a major hotspot for campers and lovers of the outdoors. Temperatures are now regularly in the 80s, and most campgrounds are open. The water levels of the lakes in the area are high and that means the fish are biting, too. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the boaters, campers and fisherman coming out of hibernation.

At National Parks throughout the area, including Yosemite, crews have worked diligently over the past several weeks to clear roads that had been made impassable by debris, the result of melting snow from higher in the mountains.

The biggest draw for outdoorsmen in these areas is the surprisingly high lake levels. Take Lake Shasta, for instance, California’s top recreation lake. It’s at 92 percent full, and that means that shoreline trees and plant life are bustling. Like all things in nature, that translates to a more vibrant animal presence, too, so campers and fisherman alike can expect to see plenty of fish and birdlife, including bald eagles.

As you travel west from the Bay Area to Tahoe, more and more lakes and campgrounds are opening each week the higher you get into the mountains. Some notable locations include the campgrounds at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir in Eldorado National Forest and Sugarpine Point Campground at the Lower Bear River Reservoir. Silver Lake is expected to open on June 14th.

As snowmelt continues to feed streams and lakes, northern California lakes can expect to see peak levels just in time for Memorial Day weekend. If you’re looking to head out in the coming weeks for some camping, try to get a spot that’s right on the lake, or better yet, those that are only accessible by boat. Bullards Bar in Camptonville is one of the best boat-in campgrounds you can find, especially when the water levels are high, as they are now.

Few things are more beautiful than northern California lakes when the water level is just right. As of now, conditions are perfect, so if you can get out in the next month, take advantage of it!