Why It’s Important To Check Your Travel Insurance Before You Participate In Adventure Sports While On Vacation

Once upon a time, sports like scuba diving and parasailing were only something that an elite few could participate in. Engaging in such an adventure sport while on vacation was truly a rare treat. Today, the ability to book such excursions is far easier. In fact, many people build their entire holidays around experiencing things like scuba diving, parasailing, bungee jumping, and even skydiving.

One thing that’s important to remember is that there is a fairly substantial risk associated with participating in such sports. While these activities are often the highlight of vacations, they can also result in serious injuries and trips to medical facilities in other countries. As such, many personal insurance policies and travel insurance policies do not cover injuries associated with participating in these kinds of adventure sports.

No to worry, though. Many companies are now expanding their policy packages to include such sporting activities. Some companies offer individual policies that are designed to exclusively cover the risks associated with participating in adventure sports while on vacation. Other products are designed to be add-ons to base travel insurance policies.

In policies that exclusively cover adventure sports, the companies will usually cover the costs of treatments for injuries as a result of participating in the kinds of sports you often find while vacationing. Many of these policies even come with an accidental death or permanent disability coverage. While these kinds of adventure sports policies certainly provide some peace of mind to folks who enjoy those types of activities there is one major thing to keep in mind across virtually all companies and their policies. They’ll only cover injuries sustained while participating in adventure sports while under the direct supervision of trained professionals. You’ll need to prove that the vendor you’re using is legit and that you followed all instructions and safety precautions.

Premiums for these kinds of policies will vary between companies. Factors like the length of your vacation, the level of policy you choose, and what percentage of costs you want covered (normally 25-100% coverage) will all affect the final price.

Ultimately, only you know if an adventure-sport exclusive or add-on policy makes sense. But if you have the means, and you have a little bit an adventure bug while on vacation, it would probably be a good idea.