5 Hot Spots Throughout The World For Catching Unique Fish

Sport fishing is a serious endeavor for many outdoorsmen (and women). It doesn’t just apply to the United States, either. Virtually every country in the world has devoted fisherman, and those same countries usually have a unique and prized species of fish that is often on the bucket list of anyone who is serious about the sport. Here’s a look at five sport fishing hotspots around the world and the unique species of fish that anglers target.

Giant Black Marlin

Cairns Australia

The Giant Black Marlin is one of the toughest species on the planet to catch. To snag one, you’ll need to head for a stretch of water off Australia, between Cairns and Lizard Island. These prized gamefish can way over 1,600 pounds and they’re capable of swimming at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. The marlin season in Cairns runs from September to December.


Eg-Uur River Basin, Mongolia

The Taimen is the biggest trout species on the planet. Let’s be clear, many an angler enjoys catching a nice rainbow or brook trout on a lightweight fly rod, but you’re going to need some serious tackle to snag one of these Mongolian beasts. Just how big are they?  Taimen can grow up to 6.5 feet long, and weigh up to 200 pounds!


Amazon Basin, Brazil

Piranhas tend to get a bad rap. Thanks to pulp fiction and cheesy horror movies, this South American carnivore has often been thought of as a vicious man-eater. That’s not necessarily the case, but that doesn’t mean it still shouldn’t go on your bucket list of species to catch!  Manaus, the capital of Amazonia, offers many fishing tours that target the toothy species, and the vacation destination will not be a trip you’re likely to forget any time soon.


United States

While catfish may not seem like a particularly special species to target, the method used to catch them can certainly be a bucket list item!  We’re talking about noodling, where the angler wades into a river, shoves their arm into a submerged hole in a river bank or log with the hopes of a monster catfish swallowing their appendage and then hauls their trophy catch out of the water with their bare hands. Noodling is legal in many southern states and along the Mississippi River, and the season usually runs from May to August.


Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Salmon is another species that can be caught in many places, but it’s the remoteness and beauty that makes the Kola Peninsula in Russia one of the best places to catch them. There are multiple salmon runs throughout the year, and depending on when you go, you can expect to see the Aurora Borealis, beautiful winter landscapes, and bears—lots of bears.