The Best Trails In America For Fall Mountain Biking

The fall is a fantastic time to hit the bike trails. Cooler weather and smaller crowds can make for an incredibly satisfying day trip. While a day on the trail is pretty enjoyable no matter where you’re riding, some places can be more epic than others. Here are some of the best trails in the United States for fall riding.

Santa Monica Mountains


What’s great about the Santa Monica Mountains is the diversity you’ll find among the mountain bike trails. They truly cater to riders of all experience levels. You can find everything from easy to ride maintenance roads to challenging, single-track trails. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has something for you.

Bartram Trail, J. Strom Thurmond Lake


Outdoor activities in the Georgia summer months can be almost unbearable. But as the temperatures cool down, the Bartram National Recreational Trail makes for a great mountain biking destination. You’ll find 27 miles of trail that weave through beautiful trees and creeks.

Tsali Recreation Area, Nantahala National Forest

North Carolina

This area of the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina offers a variety of trail types, from easy to travel roads to more difficult, narrow paths that climb up steep trails. However, the trail loops are also used by horseback riders and the days alternate between bikers and horses. Make sure you check the schedule before you head out!

Kokopelli Trail


If you’re looking to rack up some serious miles on a trip this fall, look no further than the Kokopelli Trail, which runs from Loma, Colorado to Moab, Utah. You’ll find all sorts of trail types along the way, from paved and dirt roads to narrow tracks. Obviously, you’ll need a few days to knock out the entire trail in its entirety, but the experience is well worth the extra planning and packing!

Black Canyon Trail


This is one of the best backcountry mountain biking experiences you can get. With 80 miles of trails, Arizona’s Black Canyon Trail will take you through desert canyons and saguaro forests as you travel along the same paths used by pre-historic Native Americans.