The Best Live-Aboard Dive Boats In The World

There are plenty of great scuba diving destinations all across the globe.  However, those who are extra serious about their diving may opt for something other than a cushy hotel and daily trips out to their favorite reef or wreck site.  For those serious divers, a live-aboard dive boat may be the better ticket.  These specialized boats usually sleep between 10 and 20 divers, and they have the amenities you’d expect to find on a fancy, private yacht.  The real benefit, though, is that you don’t have to leave your “hotel” and catch a boat every morning when you’re ready to dive.  You’re already there!  Here are some of the best live-aboard dive boats in the world.

The Red Sea Aggressor

Egyptian Red Sea

“Aggressor” isn’t a unique boat.  In fact, there are almost 20 of them scattered across the world.  The live-aboard franchise provides unique diving opportunities at some of the planet’s best sport.  The top pick for many divers is the Red Sea Aggressor, a 120-foot long yacht that takes divers on excursions in the Red Sea, one of the best locations on the planet.  While the diving is fantastic, onboard you’ll find spacious staterooms and all the amenities you’d find in a major resort.

The Arenui


If you’ve always wanted to live on a pirate ship, the Arenui might be just the ticket for you!  This 140-foot sailing vessel can accommodate up to 16 passengers.  When you’re not diving, you can kick back and enjoy a luxury massage or gourmet meal on board.  However, the diving is really what it’s all about.  The Arenui will take you to all of the best coral reefs throughout the Philippines, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea.

The Argo

Costa Rica

This one’s pretty famous.  While there are plenty of live-aboards that will take you to some pretty epic dive spots, The Argo is the only one that will take you down to 1,000 feet.  The Argo is also home to the DeepSee, a mini-submarine that can be piloted as deep as 1,500 feet. Part luxury live-aboard, part research vessel, the Argo is 130 feet long and can carry an additional 16 guests in its state rooms.