6-Year-Old Boy Sets World Record By Climbing North Africa’s Highest Peak

In the world of climbing and mountaineering, world records are pretty impressive feats, and while many can’t manage to stand for more than a year or two, a few are pretty tough to beat and will likely remain un-shattered for quite some time. One such record was recently set in Morocco when a six-year-old boy from Ireland managed to scale the tallest peak in Northern Africa.

Mount Toubkal in Morocco is 13,671 feet (4167m) tall. Climbing to its peak is an impressive feat, even for seasoned mountaineers. The fact that six-year-old Joshua Davidson, from Killarney In Co Kerry, Ireland, managed to do it during a heavy snowstorm is downright amazing. The boy was accompanied on the climb by his mother, Lyndsey, and her friend Lucky Flynn. The trio was on the mountain for more than 48 hours to get to the peak. Their adventure began with a 4-hour hike to get to a mountain shelter where they spent the night before starting for the summit the following day.

Lyndsey reflected on the climb after Joshua’s amazing feat had been accomplished. She said that once they were above 9,800 feet, they could really feel the effects of the altitude. Despite the thin air, they headed out for the summit the following morning at 7 am. The climb was tough going, as most of it was up a steep ice slope that was inclined as much as 40 degrees in some places. They wore crampons on their feet to help get a purchase on the slick ice.

Oxygen levels at that altitude are drastically reduced—only about 12%. That didn’t stop the party from pushing on, though. After about six hours of strenuous climbing on the second day, Joshua and his companions made it to the top. All three were thrilled with their accomplishment, especially Josh. It took them six hours to get back down off the mountain, and several times his mother had to tell him to slow down so she could keep up!

It’s not an official world record, yet. But Josh’s family has submitted the details of the climb to the Guinness Book of Records. Even if it’s not yet an entry in a book, it’s still one heck of an accomplishment for a six-year-old!