Man Becomes Second Patient in History to Be Cured of AIDS Virus

The world was an amazing place back in 1980. The world was just coming off the free love era of the 1960s and 1970s and people could do whatever they wanted and worry very little. Then the AIDS came onto the scene and ravaged the world. Soon everyone was being extremely cautious because brushing shoulders with AIDS and even H.I.V. meant certain demise. While a cure was never found, medical experts did find a way to suppress the virus from taking a person over completely. As of today another huge step in the fight against AIDS has been made has been made as someone has been cured of AIDS for a second time. Here is how the world responded via Twitter.

AIDS Cured!

AIDS was first defeated back in 2007 when doctors in Germany managed to completely cure someone of AIDs. We hadn’t heard much since then, that is, until now. It has just been announced that a second person was cured of AIDS.

The original cured man was named Timothy Ray Brown, but at the time was only referred to as the “Berlin patient.” Doctors had announced that they were going to test their methods of curing on other patients. That brings us to 2019 and the second cured case. When masses heard this news, they took to Twitter and left some amazing responses.

Too Late For Some

Since the early 1980s, thousands upon thousands of people across America and the world have been affected by the disease. In the early days, there was very little hope of survival for anyone. Once you tested positive with HIV, your life was on the clock.

People lost friends, friends, family and even lovers. It was a tragic time in our past. While a cure is amazing, it really is unfortunate that we couldn’t find this cure back in 1984. Despite that, this is a major breakthrough and a reason to celebrate.

Replicating The Cure

After Brown found his AIDS cure, doctors began replicating their methods on other patients. Sadly, they found very little success and patients would end up showing signs of HIV again after nine months or just pass away from cancer.

They started to believe that Brown’s case was a miracle and nothing more. The Instagram post above shows all the terribles way that you can attract the HIV virus. When the disease first came about, people had no idea how it was contracted and would distance themselves completely from patients.

Brown’s Battle

If your thinking that curing Brown case of HIV was something simple and painless, you’re wrong. He had to undergo months of chemotherapy and when that stopped working he had to face two bone-marrow transplants. You can imagine how he felt.

Dr. Steven Deeks, the doctor who spent a good amount of time treating Brown, said the following, “He was really beaten up by the whole procedure. And so we’ve always wondered whether all that conditioning, a massive amount of destruction to his immune system, explained why Timothy was cured but no one else.”

The Money Lost

While the world is rejoicing collectively over AIDS being cured for a second time, some people aren’t too happy about it. We’re looking at scientist and drug companies who will definitely be losing out on a pretty penny due to their medicine becoming irrelevant.

While AIDS does ravage the world and take lives, it is also very profitable and just like what the person said in the tweet above, there is hardly any profit in a cure. We wonder if this will have a say in how people get their hands on the cure.

What’s Next

While this tweet may sound paranoid and harsh, there is definitely some truth to it. If you don’t get what the tweet is trying to reference, he is basically saying that now that AIDS out of the way, what will they release next on society.

Given how profitable AIDS has been for some, we can’t imagine their going to let it go so easily and when they finally do, they will no doubt look for some other way to get buy into buying drugs that will save their lives. I’m not saying that AIDS is man-made, but it’s definitely made man some money.

Cure For The Rich

It is no secret more poor people were passing from AIDS than the rich. Usually, people with lower incomes can’t afford the best meds. This person has brought to our attention that Magic Johnson has been thriving whilst being HIV positive for over thirty years.

He got HIV back in 1991 when the virus was still considered a death sentence. Magic Johnson brought attention to the fact that even heterosexual men can catch HIV. At the time it was believed that it was a disease the almost always only affected the homosexual community.

Bone Marrow Surgery

When it came the German miracle patient, what ultimately cured him was a bone marrow transplant. This is a very complicated surgery and a person can find themselves in an aftermath of complications for years after leaving the hospital.

Luckily, if someone is unsure about going through an intense surgery that ultimately comes with no promises, there are drugs now that can grasp HIV and prevent it from spreading throughout the body. This allows someone to live a completely normal life with the virus.

Society Ran By Money

If a cure cancer or AIDS is ever secured, many feel that the cure will only be available to the extremely rich. Let’s face it, they aren’t going to be giving these cures out to just anyone waiting in line at the local hospital.

Sadly, we live in a society where money and wealth means a lot more than human life and if someone isn’t able to deliver the goods, they will likely be left to wallow with the virus for the rest of their lives.

Remember The Past

Some of us can think about what life was in the days before AIDS existed and recall it as an amazing time. They were both more careless and relaxed and we had nothing to worry about. If we wanted something, we’d do it with little risk of our lives being lost.

Once AIDS came along, everyone had to be a lot more careful and things were a lot less free. Now that it seems we have a cure, will we go back to those more free times? The person in the tweet above is definitely ready for a good time.

AIDS Hitting Africa

No continent was hit harder by the AIDS virus than Africa. If the cure is presented to the masses, we hope that they get their hands on it.

The London Patient

The newest cured patient is from London. He has chosen not to release his name to the press.

Thanksgiving Dinner or HIV?

This person is cleverly noting how the picture of the virus released by the New York Times looks like a Thanksgiving dinner.

Let’s Not Speak Too Soon

Maybe we’re speaking a bit too soon. Perhaps we should give this new patient some more time before saying its a cure.

New York Time Photo

The photo released by the New York Times seriously looks like a plate of food.

The Importance Of The Cure

This person and many others have lost family members to this horrible virus. This cure means the world to many.

Just Like in The Movies?

If life was like in the movies, they’d be handing out the cure to thousands within the next fews days. Sadly, reality can be a little more dim.

Thank you, Science

At the end of the day, we need to give it up to the scientist that have worked long nights looking for a cure to this horrible virus. Without them, who knows where we’d be right now.

Times Are Changing

35-years ago the world was in an absolute terror and peopel were dropping right and left. We’ll never need to worry about that again.

To Heck With Greed

If these giant pharmaceutical companies would loosen their grip on their money, the world would be completely saved.

Gene Therapy

Doctors have suggested that very targetted gene therapy can be an effective way to get rid of AIDS without having to get a bone marrow transplant.

Despite having a possible cure to the HIV virus, the doctors are still stressing that you take the anti viral drugs on a long term basis just in case.

People are now calling for the end of other STDs. If one can cure AIDS then why not also cure herpes.

One can’t help but think of Freddie Mercury and feel sad. He passed away from AIDS back in 1991 and we can only imagine all of the hits he would have continued to make if we had a cure back then.

This person has tweeted amidst the masses that he actually knows the guy that got treated in Germany.

Many were shocked that it took them over ten years to cure second patient of AIDS. Will we need to wait till 2027 to see the next success story?

Many don’t understand why this is only the second patient. If we have a cure, we should be treating everyone ASAP.

If anyone is disappointed by the cure of AIDS, it has to be the folks working over at the big pharmaceutical companies.