Yosemite’s Climbing Mecca, Camp 4, To Get A Load Of Upgrades

Yosemite National Park’s Camp 4 has had an extremely interesting past. It has been loved, hated, loved again and eventually, immortalized by being placed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. Camp 4 has been the home of the world’s best rock climbers since just after World War II, when climbers began to flock to Yosemite National Park to conquer its rock walls and spires, including the famous El Capitan and Half Dome. Through the years, Camp 4 has become a kind of holy place among climbers, but climbers weren’t always the most welcomed guests in Yosemite. There was a period in the sixties where climbers and park rangers were essentially at war with each other. Thankfully, the proverbial hatchet was buried.

Climbers are happy because work started this past summer to improve parts of Camp 4, and it seems that the improvements will be completed by the time winter fully hits.

The work spans a wide range of improvements. The road on Northside Drive is being re-paved and curbed, and there are also sewer and utility improvements underway. The benefits of these improvements mainly lead themselves toward better traffic flow and parking, but it doesn’t stop there.

The work in Yosemite also includes the restoration 1.7 acres of wetlands, as well as improvements more specific to Camp 4 itself. These include expanding the parking lot and adding 25 additional campsites, which will bring the camp’s total number of sites to 57. This thrills the hordes of climbers that flock to Camp 4 each season hoping to snag one of the coveted campsites.

The Camp 4 work also includes the addition of the park’s first shower facilities, another addition that the climbers will be sure to appreciate.

The total cost of the Camp 4 project is around $2 million, and it’s being funded by the park’s Recreational Fee Program. The work should be finished sometime in 2018.

Construction will soon be put on hold during the winter months and resume next spring. Roads will remain open during construction, but guests should expect some lane closures and traffic delays until the roadwork is completed.