Sin City Snapshots: The Best Las Vegas Photos

Las Vegas. Sin City. Whatever you want to call the Nevada desert town, one thing is for sure: there is no shortage of photo opportunities!  They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that’s only true if no one is around to capture the moment on film. Here’s a look at some of the funniest photos to come out of Las Vegas. These photos will either have you running away or packing your bags for the trip of a lifetime. Truly there isn’t a more wilder place in the world Las Vegas.

Sin City Or Planet Of The Apes

Las Vegas is home to some pretty strange sites. You can see some things in the city that you’ll never be able to forget. You might even wish that you could forget a few of the sights. For many people that call Las Vegas home, nothing strikes them as strange anymore. Take, for instance, this photo.

While coming across a monkey chilling out in a parking lot is strange enough, finding one that immediately tries to get to third base with your girlfriend is downright bizarre!  It would seem that this young lady is a pretty good sport about the incident, though.

I Do!

Las Vegas is a popular destination for people wanting to get married. In the long run, it’s probably much cheaper than planning and executing a big traditional wedding. Many of the roadside chapels are world famous, and more than few couples have the distinct honor of telling folks that Elvis officiated their ceremonies!

Vegas is also a popular honeymoon destination. This photo suggests that at least one bride opted to get straight to the honeymoon portion. You can’t really blame her for wanting to get straight to the gambling. After all, when the slots are hot you gotta jump on them!

Let Us Know How You REALLY Feel

More than a few people have come home from a trip to Las Vegas with a new tattoo. Many of those people don’t even remember getting the ink work done, thanks to the plethora of cocktail opportunities in Sin City.

We’re not sure if this young lady was awake or asleep when someone went to town on her back with a Sharpie, but at least it won’t be there forever. Let’s face it, when it comes to decorating your drunk friends with a Sharpie, this one is pretty mild!

Inspiring Confidence

Restrooms aren’t usually a place where you’d think a bar or casino would try to insert a little humor. In Las Vegas, though, you’d be wrong. This photo suggests that whatever venue this is has one heck of a good sense of humor.

The bad news is that if you have a nervous bladder and find performing in a public restroom difficult to begin with, the decorations in this bathroom will do nothing for your confidence!  You have to wonder what they did with the ladies’ room.

The Ultimate Cosplay

The Hangover is one of the funniest comedies of the last 10 years. Being that it is set in Las Vegas, the film has become a kind of official documentary for many of the adventures that people have in Sin City.  Spotting a celebrity is also pretty common in Las Vegas, which creates an opportunity for some people.

If you happen to look like one of the most memorable characters from the film, there’s a good chance you won’t have to worry about getting attention during a night out on the town. With a virtually endless supply of girls wanting to take pictures with you and guys willing to buy you drinks, we’re guessing that this dude won’t be shaving any time soon!

Vegas Fashion

Nothing is really a surprise anymore when it comes to what people wear in Las Vegas. You’ll see people in the most expensive suits you can get and virtually nothing at all, walking side by side down the sidewalk. Headwear seems to be equally as diverse.

Clearly, this couple don’t mind getting strange looks as they go about their wild night on the town. What’s great about this chain of restaurants is that the wait staff are the ones who come up with the sayings, and they usually don’t let you see it before putting it on your head. Could you go the whole night without looking?

Strength In Numbers

They say that there is strength in numbers. You would hope that if you were heading out for a night of drinking that your buddies would have your back. Apparently, these guys all have 100% identical drinking tolerances.

The photo suggests that they all managed to pass out at exactly the same time!  On the other hand, the nights in Las Vegas have been known to get fairly chilly during the winter months. Maybe they’re just trying to keep warm?

One-Armed Bandit

Slot machines have been known as “one-armed bandits” for quite some time now. The name comes from the idea that older machines with the single pull levers would “steal” all of the money in your pocket. The older gentleman in this photo might take the nickname a little too literally though.

For some reason, he decided to attack the machine as if it literally tried to mug him with a deadly weapon. It’s no surprise to learn he lost the fight. Who knows if or how much drinking was involved here, but when it was all said and done, this guy was fined and had to pay for repairs to the machine.

Strict Rules

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?  According to this sign, much of what happens in Vegas might actually happen in the taxis that cruise through town at all hours of the day. The good news is that if this particular cabbie is any indication, they don’t much mind what you do in the backseat.

This is a pretty good list, but it makes us wonder if there is anything that is not allowed in the taxi. At the same time, you may want to pack some extra wet wipes if you’re going to be taking a cab around town.

Irrefutable Evidence

For years, people have speculated about the existence of bigfoot. Many pieces of evidence have surfaced, including photographs of what are presumed to be the creatures. As it turns out, all the investigators needed to do was head to Sin City and check out the Texas Hold Em room.

It’s clear that bigfoot lights to get in on the action as much as any other gambler. What’s more, the other players at the table are particularly fierce, as they don’t appear to be shaken at all by their hairy competitor. Would you let him win?

Even Heroes Need A Break

The Super Mario Brothers have been to some pretty extreme places in their efforts to save Princess Toadstool from evil King Koopa. Mario and Luigi have been to subterranean labyrinths, as well as sky cities and even underwater realms. Apparently, none of those mythical locations can compare to modern day Sin City.

After rescuing the princess, the plumber brothers seem to have gone out for a night on the town to celebrate. It would appear that they have some challenges with holding their drinks How awesome would it be to play a new Mario game with Vegas as one of the levels?!?

It’s Funny Because It’s True

Spend a little time driving through Las Vegas and you’re going to find plenty of humorous advertisements. In fact, because of the Sin City reputation that Las Vegas has, you are also likely to see advertising that other locations most likely would not be able to get away with.

Take this one for instance. Seeing billboard ads for drinking stores is nothing new, but most aren’t this brutally honest. While we don’t condone drinking as a coping mechanism, we can’t deny how humorous this Las Vegas billboard really is.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a strange commodity in Las Vegas. It’s one of those towns that runs 24 hours a day. Casino floors are lit and laid out in such a way that at any given moment it’s virtually impossible to tell whether it’s day or night outside.

That’s why many travelers will tell you that sleep is usually at a premium during their Vegas vacations. This photo shows just how strange the sleeping arrangements in Vegas can be. We have no idea what the backstory is on this one, but almost every possibility is hilarious!

More Headwear

Earlier, we pointed out how creative some of the hats in Vegas can be. Here’s another example of some pretty unique headwear that would be totally out of place in every other city in the world. It seems right at home here in Sin City, though.

The balloon artist who created this is a seriously talented individual and this guy appear to be all too proud to display the masterpiece. On the other hand, his girlfriend seems as if she wishes they’d gone to the other joint—the one that writes insults on your hats.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

We said that nothing much surprises natives of Las Vegas anymore, but this one is sure to raise few eyebrows. There is so much going on in this photo that we don’t even know where to start. At first glance, the guy looks like he’s wearing some type of chicken costume.

On closer inspection, it’s just a woman’s dress of some sort. Then there’s the bachelorette gear. Is he part of the party or was he hired as the entertainment?  Perhaps the most confusing element is the Asian fan with the word “Tips” written on it. What exactly is this guy doing for tips?

More Group Therapy

Did we mention that sleep is a mystical thing in Las Vegas?  You never know when or where it’s going to hit and take hold. This photo shows yet another example. These guys seem like they’ve had a long night out on the town.

What’s most ironic about the photo is that there are clues suggesting they’re in a Starbucks when their group exhaustion hit. They need to pump up the caffeine level a bit!  The good news is that Vegas is also magical, and most people only need a couple of hours’ worth of sleep before hitting the town once more.

It’s Is What?

Take our advice, if you’re seriously intoxicated, do NOT get a tattoo. Just take a look at this example. It’s hard to determine who was the drunkest—the guy getting the tattoo of the guy doing the inking. The more you look at it, the funnier it becomes.

This “Bon Jovi” lyric is not only grammatically incorrect, but it certainly wasn’t sung by Jon Bovi. Just remember when you get a tattoo, what happens in Vas Legas doesn’t stay in Vas Legas. It comes home with you.

Maybe It’s More Than Just Sleep Deprivation

OK, now it’s just getting crazy. We’ve talked about how hard it is to catch some quality sleep while visiting Sin City. We have shown plenty of examples of people sleeping in weird places, but another one?

Maybe there’s just a weird outbreak of narcolepsy in Vegas that no one has bothered to document given the nature of the town. At any rate, these three young ladies certainly weren’t going to let the opportunity for a great photo to pass them by. We actually hope that this dude had won HUGE before he passed out.

Now It’s Just Getting Ridiculous

You have to wonder just how slow the dealer at this table actually was. Most people don’t fall asleep in the middle of a poker hand. In all seriousness, many people have lost track of time in the casinos of Vegas and spent days at a gaming table.

While that kind of lack of sleep is not good for your physical wellbeing, it could also affect your bank account. Sure, you might be on a winning streak, but when you’re deprived of sleep you make poor decisions. That’s not something you want when you’re gambling.

No Celebrity Is Safe

What do you do when you spend all of your time in the happiest place on Earth?  Apparently, you go to Sin City. We’re sure that Minnie Mouse started the night off by keeping things under control. However, we have no idea how she ended up passed out next to a garbage can on the strip.

What’s more there’s no sign of Micky anywhere. Maybe she as there on a girl’s weekend getaway with Daisy Duck?  Any way you cut it, this is a photo you probably don’t want your little ones to see, so you’d best move on.

Now That’s Funny

Many businesses have embraced Las Vegas’ motto: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  This is a hilarious example of one of the places of worship showing their humorous side, too!  You have to wonder just how busy the churches really are in a place called “Sin City.”

Something tells us that the ministers in this town have all the work they can handle. At the same time, don’t be surprised if you saddle up to a blackjack table full of nuns. You never know what you’ll find in Vegas!

Look Familiar

Remember the weird bachelorette guy from earlier in the article?  Take a good look at this photo. Yep, that’s him!  It would seem that dreams do come true in Las Vegas, because he’s apparently traded in his bachelorette gear for the bridal gown.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of a spouse, but we’re sure that he or she is a special person, indeed. Only in Las Vegas can a fanny pack become something so full of intrigue and wonder. What could possibly be inside?

Why Is This Hallway So Long?

You have to give this young lady some credit for trying, right?  She had enough wits about her to know that she needed to go, but didn’t quite have the endurance to make it all the way there. That alone conjures up some other questions that we’d rather not know the answers to.

Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence. You start the night off classy and coherent, and you end the evening cannon-balling Smirnoff Ice(s), getting a Jon Bovi tattoo, and passing out in front of the public restroom at The Flamingo.

More Billboard Humor

By now, you’ve probably seen a theme with many of the photos in this article. Here’s another example of a funny take on the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” thing. it’s a good reminder, though. Souvenirs from your trip to Sin City are great.

But not all souvenirs are created equal. If you’ve made some questionable decisions on Freemont street, hit up that $10 brunch at the hotel and then maybe get yourself checked out before hitting the casino floor again. You’ll thank yourself later.

Starbucks Makes A Joke

Plenty of people have taken advantage of Starbucks and the fact that they’ll write just about anything you tell them on your coffee cup. People have a field day trying to come with hilarious names and seeing just how far they can push the baristas before they say “enough is enough.”

That could be an article all of its own. In this case, though, it would seem that an employee at a Vegas Starbucks location had some fun of their own. They put a spin on the rather straightforward name of “Courtney.”

Costume Parties

As you might imagine, Las Vegas is an amazing place on Halloween. You can hardly walk 10 feet without seeing someone decked out in a costume. In a place like Sin City, many of those costumes aren’t exactly safe to post here in this article.

This guy, on the other hand, gets some serious props for creativity. This particular costume would be funny just about anywhere. However, in a place like Las Vegas, where one-night stands are likely to be a little more common per capita, it has an especially ironic level of humor.

Good While It Lasted

This cat and his owner became pretty popular on the Las Vegas scene. The cat would wear a variety of costumes like the one picture below. Once they found a spot to relax, people would flock to them so they could take a photo with the cool cat.

However, no good thing lasts forever. A recent law was passed in Las Vegas that prohibits people from making money off of their pets. As it turns out, this woman and her trendy cat were earning a pretty good living and law hit them pretty hard.

Somebody Buy This Guy’s Barber A Drink

Seeing a crazy hairdo isn’t anything out of the ordinary when strolling down the Vegas strip. However, some hairdos are just so impressive that you have to stop and take a photo. We’ve seen plenty of mohawks in our time, but this is one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen.

The height of his hair is impressive in and of itself. However, it’s the artwork that is probably the most impressive thing about this particular ‘do. The old school Las Vegas sign is depicted perfectly on the side of his hair!

One More For The Road

We had to include one more funny hat photo before we leave. After all, headwear is an often overlooked part of the wardrobe and one that Vegas takes pretty seriously.  It would appear that this lady went out to grab a bite at the same restaurant as the young couple from the beginning of the article.

It would also appear that the waiter at this restaurant wasn’t cutting her any slack based on her age. In fact, it seems that just the opposite is true!  The good news is that it’s also pretty apparent from the photo that the lady wasn’t offended by it. Way to be a good sport!

Anything Can Happen

There are few places in the world where it seems that anything can happen and Vegas is definitely one of those places. It is a desert oasis that presents an array of characters that stems from the rich and famous to the low down and dirty.

Someone who has the face of an angel may end up showing you one of the most strangest experiences. This is what Vegas is all about. Take for instance the woman in this picture. She may look innocent, but who knows who she really is.

Smiles In Vegas

There are a lot of wild towns across the United States of America, but no one of those amazing places, not New York, LA, New Orleans or San Francisco will compare to the amazingness of Las Vegas, the lit up oasis planted in the deserts of America.

It doesn’t matter if you like gambling, shows or wild nights on the town, Las Vegas will always deliver. It will take the tame and give them a dosage of chaos. Look at this young girl’s smile. Who knows why she is so happy, perhaps she just won the jackpot.

The Vegas Showgirls

Being a showgirl isn’t for a basic dancer in any sense of the word. Some women work hard for years with the hopes of getting a job as a showgirl. These girls are professional in every sense of the world. These girls are a major staple of Las Vegas culture.

If you associate them with the 1995 movie Showgirls starring Elizabeth Berkely, you are way off. People from all over the world for over fifty years have been enjoying going to Vegas and seeing these girls perform in an array of amazing acts.

The People Looking On

Showgirls didn’t come about as an original Las Vegas act. These dancers came about in Paris, France back in the 1800s. They were brought to Vegas in the 1940s. From the very beginning, Vegas was on a path to being one of the wildest cities in America.

It is an oasis in the desert that brings together culture from every part of the globe. There is a Vegas Eiffel Tower and even an Egyptian pyramid. There is also an array of amazing food from all over the world. Vegas is truly something special.

Iconic Showgirls

Today there are 17 venues left in the world where you can see these amazing dancers. Vegas is the home of two of those amazing venues. The showgirls have become more of a novelty in recent decades, but at one time they were one of the city’s main attractions.

Today they are something that takes us back to the early days of Vegas or Paris over a one hundred years ago. Times have changed and so has Las Vegas. Today Vegas is home to an array of amazing attractions.