Photos That Show You Life In Germany

The world is full of amazing cultures and that is one of the reasons why this planet is such a beautiful place. Some countries are more colorful and others are definitely more stoic. Some countries are known for their religions and their festivals and others home some of the world’s best food. Everyone is special for one reason or another. Today we’re going to show you pictures from inside Germany, one of the world’s most vibrant and exotic countries.

Walking Coaster

It is no secret that people love rollercoasters. They are practically the number one reason why we bother to venture into amusement parks in the first place. Germany takes our traditions and spins them around on us completely.

Meet the walking coaster. While it might look slow, boring and tame, the guests that choose to climb this structure will get an amazing view of the countryside. The loop is all for show. No, Germans do not have the ability to walk upside down.

They Are Festive

Believe it or not, Germans are actually quite the festive bunch. The country is literally covered in amazing carnivals throughout the year. One of the most unique pieces of German tradition is their annual Karneval that is celebrated everywhere in the country.

The festival lets everyone celebrate their inner clown and the mood is highly festive. This is definitely one of the coolest festivals to be present for if you ever decided on visiting the amazing nation.


Germany is perhaps best known for their Oktoberfest. Germans love festivals and they love their drinks. This makes Oktoberfest one of their most beloved holidays. It is everyone’s big chance to show off the beer they’ve brewed up.

Thousands upon thousands of tourist and locals travel throughout the country to take part in this very beloved holiday. October is definitely the month to visit Germany. The weather is great and the drinks will keep coming.

Caring For The Old

We don’t want to give you the wrong idea and let you walk away thinking that Germany is a place solely of festivals and strange rollercoasters. The country’s government really does care about their citizens and you can see this anywhere you go.

If you find yourself walking around any German town, you’ll see that the sidewalks are full of fake bus stops. These are meant for the elderly with Alzheimer’s. They sometimes forget where they are and begin looking for a bus home. Usually, someone will help them if they find an elderly at this kind of bus stop.

Clearest Water

Pictured above is Eibsee, one of the clearest and most beautiful lakes in all of Europe. You won’t waters anywhere else that can match how clear these are. The water is also surrounded by beautiful green forest and mountains.

You won’t feel like your in our world when you go to this place, you’ll feel like you fell into a fairytale. What makes this even more of a gem is that there are a ton of amazing trails in the mountains above. These will provide you with amazing views.

That Isn’t Brazil

Looking at these colorful and somewhat bizarre masks, you’d probably think this was a glimpse into Brazil or somewhere similar. If that is what you thought, you are completely wrong. This is Germany and this is one of the many festivals they have as they approach Lent.

Germans love painting unique and scary masks and having a great big party. For them, few things can compare and once you’ve actually joined in on one of these festivals, you’ll see why.

Meet The Schneeball

While France and Italy are known for their amazing food, Germany is often times left out of that picture. That said, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a mouth-watering menu that will melt your taste buds.

What your looking at right there is a schneeball. It is one of Germany’s many tasty street foods. It is a ball of fried dough topped with sugar. whilst you may think it looks like just another donut, it’ll shock you upon the first bite.

Germany’s Favorite Cop

That isn’t just any cop, that is Germany’s favorite cop Adrienne Koleszar. She has caused quite a stir on social media and it isn’t because of the criminals she is locking up. You see, this young lady lives what we like to call a double life.

By day, she is out patrolling the streets and by night she is a fitness model who has gained quite some popularity on Instagram. She likes to keep her fans up to date on all her exercise routines and likes to show them all the cool places she vacations to.

Pet Lions

The guy living in his mother’s basement with a pet snake or lizard is nothing new. Whilst owning a chimp isn’t exactly common, we’ve seen enough of that to not be in shocked by it. This German millionaire has certainly taken the crown amidst all of them.

He owns a pet lion and this little guy is certainly the love of his life. He loves his lion so much that he has posed the little guy in front of his other loves, his designer sports cars. This is what life in Germany is all about.

Party Like It’s 1899

Nobody is exactly celebrating tradition these days. Everyone wants to be their own unique individual. Come Oktoberfest, every German is out there dressing in their most traditional clothes and it is fully encouraged.

You’ll see boys in their short shorts and little hats. Women will often sport full skirts with a bodice. Those traditional braids will definitely catch more than a few eyes. Whilst dressed in their gowns of tradition, they will be having the wildest time of their lives.

One Of A Kind

You aren’t looking at Disneyland, but that is the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s famous Disneyland castle. You can definitely see his touch. This is actually The Schloss Neuschwanstein and it was ordered to be constructed by King Ludwig II back in 1896.

He wanted the castle to be one of a kind. He wanted people to think about all those amazing fairytales about knights, princesses, and epic battles. He literally ordered that it be magical. This is one of Germany’s many amazing castles.

German And Proud

Germans are usually filled with national pride and we’d say that they have a country worth being proud of. They showed this pride at the World Cup. Besides being creamed by Mexico and tossed out of the tournament early by South Korea, they still had pride.

Not for one minute did the Germans wipe the black, yellow and red paint off their faces. They couldn’t relive their 2014 win, but they still had good spirits going for them. We wonder what is next for this amazing nation.

The Schultüte Cone

One of the oldest and biggest pieces of German tradition is the Schultüte. Everyone in Germany has held this cone in their arms at one point or another. This cone symbolizes a child’s first step out of their protective crib and into the seriousness of life.

You see, every German child must carry around this cone on their first day of school. They will walk onto the campus and hold their cone and everyone will know that it is their first day and welcome them.

If you scrolled through all the slides, you know pretty good by now that Germans love to dress up and wear a mask. They are constantly looking for the opportunity to obscure their faces in a cool mask.

If you search on the web you will see many pictures of German’s with masks on the back of their heads. This is due to protest. It is a law that you cannot wear a mask during a protest, so must Germans will put a mask on the back of their heads.

Pillow Fight

Germany is a place where the fun never ends. That said, we’d like to introduce you to International Pillow Fight Day. This beautiful tradition started back in 2008 when a large gathering of people broke out in a massive pillow fight.

If you decided to join in on this amazing day, be aware that you should be extra careful when swinging around that fluffy pillow. In Germany, a pillow is viewed as a passive weapon. If you’re in their giving out hard hits, you can land yourself behind bars.

The German Army

Most people in America don’t really think of Germany as a military country anymore. That said, the German army is growing. They currently have a shocking 60,000 soldiers on active duty and they are working as a single unit to keep their country safe.

Many German army traditions have changed drastically since the turn of the century. One thing is still very common in the army and that is their steel helmet. Did you know that women make up 15% of their army? They were only allowed to join in 2001.

Unique Beauty

Germany is very beautiful. The land is unlike no other in the world. Don’t look twice, what you are seeing in this picture is completely real and untampered with. You aren’t looking into a fairytale, this is a common sight in Germany.

The bridge in question is Rakotzbrücke and it is famous for creating the perfect circle through the river’s reflection. You can find this amazing bride in Rhododendron-Park. Believe me, it is well worth the visit.

Feeling Blue?

These women to seem to a huge case of the blues, but we can assure you that they aren’t feeling down in any kind of way. How could they? They are celebrating the world famous Altweiberfastnacht. This phase of the festival is known as the women’s carnival.

That means that it is all about the women and from the looks of it, these girls are ready to get down and party. This carnival gives a woman a unique freedom that we don’t see in any other countries. They are literally allowed to do almost anything here.

Next Level Waitress

When you head to Oktoberfest, you aren’t going to be served by the kind of waitresses that you see at your local restaurants. You aren’t even going to see the kind of waitresses that you will see at the top places in the world.

The waitresses at Oktoberfest are on another level. They are known to work for 16 hours daily for the duration of the whole festival and when their hands are full, they have a whistle and they aren’t afraid to blow it when they need to make way.

The Dog Of Germany

As if it isn’t quite apparent by now, Germans are pretty awesome and so are their country’s native dog, the German Shepard. They have been the trusty companions of the German people for centuries and have since spread out across the entire world.

They are preferred military dogs and police dogs. They can run very fast, easily overpower a man and are very loyal. If you are looking for a dog that can truly have your back, get yourself a German Shepard.

Traditional German Food

Whilst Germany isn’t a location in Europe that is widely known for its food, we assure you that they have a local cuisine that is unlike anything you’ll find outside of the western European country. Look at the picture below and try to contain yourself.

Look how immaculate those sausages look. You won’t find those outside of Germany and that sour crout looks simply amazing. We must not forget the classic German pretzels and a glass of brew. This is German food right here.

Many Different Cultures

If your expecting to go to Berlin and see nothing but blonde hair and blue eyes, you’ll be incredibly shocked to find that the country has become extremely international throughout the years. Influences from all over the world can be found in Berlin.

It is also the home of an amazing art scene. Colorful walls like the ones pictured above can easily be found throughout the city. This is definitely another reason to book a flight to Germany right away.

Europes Most Modern City

Let’s go back to the late 1940s. Berlin was a shadow of the ancient city that it once was. Buildings that were hundreds of years old were knocked to the group after the war and the city had to rebuild itself completely. This would take a few decades to accomplish.

When we travel through Europe we are expecting to see old cities that are hundreds of years old. Berlin, on the other hand, is completely modern. They are basically the image of what modern Europe is.

Serious From A Young Age

The minute they carry that cone to school on their first day, Germans are taught to be extremely serious and they are. They will take up a trade, study it and master it with all their might. That is the German way.

Take a look at the picture above. These are two children at an international martial arts competition. The boy on the ground thought it was a friendly sport, but the German child took things much more seriously and took him down easily.

Partying Hard

There is no party like a Berlin party. Anyone who likes a good party needs to book that flight to Germany. When you step into a club over there, you will experience something truly special. It will feel like there is unity between each and every person on the floor.

When people think of good parties, they usually picture themselves in Brazil or New York, but believe me, Germany is the place to be. As you can see, there are many reasons to go to Germany and this is definitely a country that you want to put on your list.

What Happens In Berlin

What happens in Berlin, stays in Berlin. When you go to this city, many people give themselves permission to get extra wild. The city lit by lights can be a really fun and even strange place. There is excitement and suspense around every corner and you can never quite know how things are going to go. A woman as innocent looking as this blonde girl can be anyone in Berlin.