Top Yoga Mat Recommendations


Yoga is a very healthy activity that not only helps the body’s physical health, but it also helps rid the body of stress. It doesn’t make sense to pour that stress right back into the body by trying to sift through all of the yoga mat models on the market to find the right one!  We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top yoga mats across a variety of categories. Check it out below.

Top Overall Pick—Manduka eKO

The Manduka eKO is the top pick for a reason. It’s extremely comfortable and very stable to practice on. It’s lightweight, so you won’t get a workout just by carrying it around. What’s really remarkable about the eKO is the Dry Traction functionality, which will prevent your palms from sliding around when they get sweaty. The closed-cell construction of the mat will keep it durable without absorbing sweat and bacteria so that it will stay smelling fresh for a long time. You also get several thicknesses to choose from, so the eKO is truly a model for just about anyone.

Top Budget Pick—Prana E.C.O.

The Prana E.C.O. performs really well and won’t break the bank. Like the more expensive models, it has great traction and closed-cell design, so you won’t slide around and the mat won’t absorb smells and bacteria. This feature makes it ideal if you practice Hot Yoga and sweat a lot. It works equally as well for flow classes, so ultimately this mat is a great choice for multiple functions if you’re looking for just one mat.

Top Hot Yoga Mat—Aurorae Synergy

If you practice hot yoga you know that sweating is a major issue. You likely find yourself scrubbing your mat or soaking it in Febreze in order to combat the funky smell that will inevitably set in after a while. You may even take to hauling a towel with you to yoga class, but how inconvenient is that?  The Aurorae Synergy solves all of that inconvenience by incorporating a microfiber towel into the mat construction. You can also toss this mat into the washing machine after each use so it will stay fresh for a long time.

Top Travel Pick—Gaiam Foldable

If you frequently travel but don’t want to fall behind on your yoga practice, the Gaiam Foldable is a great choice. At only a pound it’s lightweight, and you can pack it flat so it will fit easily in a suitcase or shoulder bag. The traction is pretty solid, but it’s not the most comfortable mat in the world. However, if you need something between you and a hotel room floor, it definitely gets the job done.