Must-Have Gear For New Scuba Divers

Getting certified to scuba dive is an undertaking in itself, but if you’re lucky enough to have gone through the process, you’re likely excited to put your newfound knowledge to good use and start diving. Selecting your next dive site is a pretty easy task, but you’re going to need some gear. While most dive tour operators will rent all of the gear you’ll need, it’s a good idea to start stocking up on your own equipment. Here’s a list of some must-have gear for new scuba divers.

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit should be a necessity for any outdoor activity, and scuba diving is no exception. This Grab & Go Travel Pack from DAN is the perfect pick for divers. The pack is zippered and has several internal pockets full of all the supplies you’d need to fix minor injuries.

Buoyancy Control Vest (BCV)

A BCV is probably the most expensive investment you’ll make as a scuba diver, so it may not be the first pick for new divers. However, the Ocean-Pro QLR4 from Oceanic is a great option, as the price tag is under $400. It’s a stable rig with plenty of pocket space and D-rings for gear, and it provides plenty of buoyancy.


A snorkel is a vital piece of diving equipment, especially when you’re bobbing around on the surface, waiting to submerge in rough water. A snorkel can also be a pain if it’s dangling off your mask strap during your entire dive. The Seaflex from Seac is a great option because the entire snorkel is made of flexible silicone and it can be rolled up and stored in a BC pocket, out of the way until you need it.



Another vital piece of diving gear, fins can run a broad spectrum in terms of price. The Triton model from Sherwood Scuba is a great middle-of-the-road option. For less than $150, you get a great fin with perfect balance and power generation.


You’ll need something to carry all of your new gear in, and the Steel Backpack from Stahlsac is a perfect choice. The bag has a padded sleeve for your laptop or dive computer, and it also comes with a removable dry bag so you can keep your wet and dry gear separate.