The 2018 Rock Climbing Gear Wish List


One of the nice things about being into extreme sports is that new gear seems to constantly be popping up on the market. Rock climbing is certainly no exception, and if you’re looking to pick up a gift or two for the rock climber in your life (or if you’re a climber and you just want to spoil yourself), here’s a list of some awesome climbing-related gifts.

Voltaic Systems Portable Solar Charger

Not all portable solar chargers are created equal. While it might be tempting to pick up one of the “budget” models, it’s better and more reliable to invest in a proven system. The Voltaic Systems model here boasts four times the power and twice the storage capacity of most other chargers. It’s waterproof, UV resistant and 3.5 hours in the sun is all you need to fully charge your smartphone.

Mountain Markers

These days, it’s hard to drive anywhere without seeing at least one car sporting a 5k, half or full marathon sticker in the rear window. Now you can join in on the bragging and adorn your window with stickers showing the rated routes you’ve conquered.


There are plenty of climbing periodicals on the market, and if you’re into climbing, you’ll likely enjoy them all. Some tend to be more ad-heavy than others, so you may want to browse your local Barnes & Noble before you pick which one you want to subscribe to. Whichever you decide, rest assured that the climber in your life will appreciate the material on those nasty weather days in camp when they’re stuck in the tent.

18oz Hydro Flask Food Storage

Whether you’re hitting a big wall, going on a day hike or suffering at the dreaded day job, a hot meal can help restore a little comfort in a climber’s life. These insulated food flasks from Hydro Flask will keep food hot for more than six hours, and cold stuff will stay cool all day long. The construction is pretty bomb-proof, so they’ll hold up for years.

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

It’s no surprise that climbing is tough on the hands. A day on the rock will usually result in a night of nursing split and wounded skin. The Joshua Tree Climbing Salve is specifically designed for climbers. A blend of oils and waxes will help heal wounds and retain moisture, without softening those protective calluses that have developed over the years.