The Amazing Wives Of Professional Wrestlers


Professional wrestling is one of the most popular and entertaining sports due to its extreme stunts, drama, and of course, pain. However, outside of the ring, these wrestlers are much different than the characters they portray. Each wrestler takes off that costume and acts just like a normal person, with lots of love to give. Find out which ladies have tamed these wild wrestlers, proving the most important ring is not in the arena.

Chris Jericho & Jessica Lockhart

Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart were high school sweethearts, and have been married for over 18 years. Like many famous couples, rumors have spread that there was some infidelity in their relationship. However, Chris and Jessica quickly shot down those rumors and reassured their fans that they are still happily loyal to each other. So much so, that Jericho actually has Jessica’s named tattooed on his finger instead of wearing a wedding band.

Randy Orton & Kim Kessler

Randy Orton and Kim Kessler began dating in 2014. They made their relationship public when they attended the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony together. The two got married the following year in November. Although she is not well-known, she is known for strongly defending her husband on social media. This is Orton’s second marriage.

Phillip Brooks (CM Punk) & AJ Lee

Both CM Punk and AJ Lee were, at one point, the champions of their respective weights. Therefore, when they got married many said it was a match made in wrestling heaven. It was shortly after they got married that they decided to retire and live a less violent life. However, CM came out of retirement in 2014, to join the mixed martial arts circuit. He currently fights in the UFC.

Sean Michaels & Rebecca Curi

You may not recognize the name Rebecca Curi. However, if you are an avid fan, you will remember her during her brief time in the ring as Nitro Girl. It was during this time that she met The Heartbreak Kid. As per his name, Michaels at the time was a bit of a playboy, but that all changed after he met Curi. The two eloped in Las Vegas in 1999 and have remained happily married ever since. They have 2 children together.

Bray Wyatt & Samantha Rotunda

Unfortunately, this WWE love story doesn’t have a happy ending. Bray Watt tied the knot with his girlfriend Samantha Rotunda. After 5 years of marriage, Samantha discovered that Wyatt had cheated on her with WWE ring announcer, JoJo Offerman. Samantha filed for divorce in June 2017. Despite the turbulence in his personal life, Wyatt is still a staple on WWE Raw.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Nikki Bella isn’t the only one who found her Prince Charming in the ring. Her twin sister Brie actually found her love first, in Daniel Bryan. Daniel and Brie exchanged their wedding vows in the ring in 2014. They recently welcomed their first child, Birdie Joe Danielson, in May 2017.

Jack Swagger & Catalina Hager

The beautiful Cataline Hager was signed to the WWE from October 2008 through March 2009 as the persona Saylor James. Aside from wrestler and model, she is also the wife of Jake Hager. They got married in October 2010 and they welcomed their first child, Knox Stribling, the following year. The second daughter, Presley Pearl, was born in 2015.

Cody Rhodes & Brandi Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was introduced to the wrestling world as just that. However, he decided he needed a fresh start and reintroduced himself as Stardust. His wife, Brandi also had a switch in identity. Brandi started as a news reporter. However, after working her way to anchor she was easily able to transition to WWE announcer. They first met when Brandi was assigned to interview Cody. It was love at first sight and they got married in 2013.

The Miz & Maryse Ouellet

The Miz rose to fame through his crazy antics on several MTV reality series. His crazy persona was the perfect fit for professional wrestling. The Miz is now married to Diva Maryse. Maryse had originally left the WWE circuit but recently reemerged as the manager of The Miz. However, she recently left the professional wrestling world once more as she is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

John Cena & Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella and John Cena met through the wrestling world, as they are both celebrated wrestlers. Cena proposed in front of millions of wrestling fans during Wrestlemania 33. However, recently rumors have begun to fly that their relationship is on the rocks. In April 2018, the two split less than three weeks before their wedding date. Nikki’s twin sister Brie announced on Twitter, “After much contemplation and six years of being together, Nikki Bella and John Cena announced today their decision to separate as a couple.” 

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Kristin Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is considered a legend in the wrestling world and is credited with helping usher in the Attitude Era of the WWE. Although he was a champion in the ring, he has not been a champion in his love life. He has been married four times. However, his most recent marriage to Kristin Feres is still going strong. The couple has been married since 2009 and they show no signs of splitting.

Kevin Owens & Karina Steen

Kevin Owens may be best known for taking down John Cena in the U.S. Open Challenge. However, he is also known as husband and dad. He married Karina Steen in 2007 and they have two children together. Kevin is very proud of his wife and often shows her off on social media. He recently tweeted that she is the “beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis are another example that more than gold belts can be won in the ring. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett met through professional wrestling at “The Ring of Honor.” Marie and Mike got married in 2014. After leaving the WWE for some time, Marie recently returned as a team with her husband. The couple also recently announced that they are expecting a baby girl in 2018.

Christian Cage & Denise Hartmann

Denise Hartmann was on vacation when she met Christian Cage. The German model met Cage while she was traveling in England and the two immediately hit it off and began dating. They made their love official in 2001. They have one daughter together named Isla. Cage has retired from professional wrestling and is enjoying time with his family.

Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart

Natalya Neidhart is one of the stars of the reality series “Total Divas.” Her tumultuous life creates the perfect drama for a reality series. Natalya and Tyson Kidd began dating in 2001 and finally tied the knot in 2013. Their wedding was even featured on the reality series. Despite all the drama in their lives, Natalya and Tyson have remained together.

Edge & Beth Pheonix

Beth Phoenix is the youngest person to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. More recently in 2018, she became the first woman to participate in both the men’s and women’s Roya Rumble match. Therefore, she needed a man who could match her talents. She found that match in Edge. In 2013, Edge and Beth welcomed their first daughter. Their second daughter was born in 2013. Finally, in 2016, they got married.

Matt Hardy & Reby Sky

Matt Hardy was heartbroken when his relationship officially ended with Diva Lita. He never thought he may find love again until he met Reby Sky. However, love didn’t come easily to these two. There were multiple issues that led to domestic disputes and even restraining orders. They got married in 2013 and they now have two children together.

Jerry “The King” Lawler & Lauryn Laine McBride

Jerry “The King” Lawler has wooed many women. However, he found his most recent love in Lauryn McBride. Lauryn is much younger than Lawler which may be the reason for their domestic abuse charges on both parties in 2016. However, the charges were dropped. The two are currently engaged but have yet to set a wedding date. This will be Lawler’s fourth marriage.

Charlie Haas & Jackie Gayda

Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda not alone work together in the ring but in life. They got married in 2005 and have four children together. Along with raising and beautiful family, these two also run a business together, Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothies. They are both retired from wrestling but remain in tip-top shape as they are the ambassadors of their nutrition shop.

Jimmy Uso & Naomi

Both Jimmy Uso and Naomi are amazing wrestlers individually. However, they were even a stronger force once they got married. Naomi used to be one of the stars on Total Divas. However, after she married Jimmy, her life became less dramatic and she was taken off the show. Jimmy is now injured and no longer participates in matches.


Zack Ryder & Laurel Van Ness

Zack Ryder joined the WWE in 2007. Since then, he has certainly made his presence known as a one-time Intercontinental Champion, a one-time United States Champion, and a one-time Tag Team Champion. He can also add the title of loyal boyfriend. In 2017, Zack revealed he was dating wrestler, Laurel Van Ness, whose real name is Chelsea Green.

Rusev & Lana

Catherine Perry, better known as Lana, started her career in the WWE as the manager of the wrestler Rusev. However, after they began working together so often, their relationship became more personal. They got married in 2016. In recent years, they have begun working together even more in the ring as Lana has begun working as a wrestler instead of just Rusev’s manager.

Bo Dallas & Sarah Backman

There aren’t a ton of females who could beat a professional wrestler in arm wrestling. However, Sarah Backman is one of those exceptions. The Swede is an eight-time world arm wrestling champion. She also happens to be married to pro-wrestler Bo Dallas. Sarah was recruited to work in the NXT. However, professional wrestling wasn’t in the cards for Backman.

John Layfield & Meredith Whitney

John Layfield, better known as JBL or Bradshaw, is a former professional wrestler and commentator. Outside of wrestling, John works as a financial analyst for Fox News. His wife, unlike many on this list, is not part of the wrestling world. However, she is a part of the financial work. Meredith Whitney and John Layfield got married in 2005. They have since retired and live in Bermuda.

Jeff Jarret & Karen Jarrett

Karen Jarret is the ex-wife of the professional wrestler and Olympic medalist Kurt Angle. After she divorced Kurt, she began dating fellow pro-wrestler, Jeff Jarrett. Jeff and Karen got married in 2010. Today, Karen is the co-founder of Global Force Wrestling and she recently returned to Impact Wrestling.

Dean Ambrose & Renee Young

Dean Ambrose is the longest-running WWE U.S. Champion of all time. But, Ambrose may tell you his biggest accomplishment was not in the ring. It was when he began dating his wife Renee Young. They met when Renne was a journalist, assigned to write a piece on him. They got married in 2017.

Brock Lesnar & Rena Marlette Lesnar (Sable)

The more famous wrestler of this couple may actually be the wife, Rena Lesnar, better known as Sable. Sable was one of the original WWE Divas and was a staple of the “Attitude” era. In 2006, she married Brock Lesnar, who is 10 years her junior. However, despite the age difference, Sable keeps Brock on his toes. They had 2 sons together, as well as children from previous relationships.

Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) & Michelle McCool

Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, was always known for being a little mysterious, especially in his private life. However, since he married Diva Michelle McCool, he has opened up. He proudly shows off his wife and daughter through pictures. This is Calaway’s third marriage.

Glenn Jacobs (Kane) & Crystal Jacobs

Before 1997, Glen Jacobs had portrayed several different characters in the ring. However, in 1997, he created the persona of Kane – the demonic younger half-brother of The Undertaker. Fans went wild for this new wrestler and he is still loved today. However, even before he was Kane, he was the husband of Crystal. They got married in 1995. Along with supporting her husband in the ring, Glenn and Crystal also run an insurance company together.

Paul Donald Wight II (The Big Show) & Bess Katramados

Andre The Giant set the tone for being large and in charge in the professional wrestling world. The Big Show at 7 feet tall is trying to continue that legacy. The Big Show, born Paul Donald Wight II, married the beautiful Bess Katramados in February 2002. They have two children together. After years in the ring, The Big Show is expected to retire very soon in order to spend more time with his family.