Female Celebrities Who Never Got Married


Dana Delany

Although this famous actress starred on a show named Desperate Housewives, she couldn’t really relate to her character fully, as she’s never chosen to say, “I do.” Dana Delany has talked about her single status in interviews, noting that she’s not against marriage, but also hasn’t made it a priority in her personal life. Only time will tell if she eventually meets the right guy!

Kimberly Stewart

Part-time actress and reality TV star Kimberly Stewart was the product of father Rod Stewart and mother Alana Stewart’s marriage, but she has not yet chosen to follow in their footsteps and settle down. She was engaged once, to Talan Torriero of Laguna Beach, and they only knew one another for a month before the engagement! That would seem to indicate that she’s not unwilling to marry, but she didn’t take that step with Benicio del Toro, despite having a daughter with him.

Anna Kournikova

During her time off the court, former tennis superstar and model Anna Kournikova has been the subject of many romantic rumors. It’s said that she was formerly engaged to hockey star Pavel Bure and some say she was shortly married to Sergei Fedorov (another hockey icon – go figure!). However, all we know for sure is that she has been with Enrique Iglesias for quite some time. Anna has denied the other rumors.

Naomi Watts

It would seem that gorgeous actress Naomi Watts isn’t necessarily against marriage, but simply hasn’t been in the right position to take that step yet. She was with Liev Schreiber for eleven years and had two children with him, but they never married. She has also been linked with such actors as Heath Ledger, but it doesn’t seem that she’s been in many serious relationships besides the one with Liev.

Vanessa Paradis

Some celebrities aren’t so much against marriage as much as that they just don’t see the point of it. That may have been the case with Vanessa Paradis and longtime beau Johnny Depp, who dated for 15 years and had a pair of kids together but didn’t marry. Paradis did say that they already felt extremely committed to one another because they started a family together, so perhaps they were satisfied with that.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is different than some of the other women on this list, as she’s just 38 years old and still has plenty of time to decide if marriage is right for her. So far, she said that she enjoys being allowed to be selfish and focus on her career. She did give birth to a daughter last year, but has not given the identity of the father and was not said to be dating anyone at the time. Hmmm.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah’s career has taken her from being a rap icon to a successful singer and actress. However, during her wild ride to mainstream stardom, she has kept one thing the same: her love life has been very secretive. She has not often been publicly linked to anyone, but she has said in interviews that she will really have to be impressed by someone to take the step toward getting married.

Anita Hill

Anita Hill was famous for all the wrong reasons, as she was caught up directly in the middle of one of the biggest political scandals in recent decades. Her testimony against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made her famous, which may be why she has chosen to keep her love life out of the public eye. She seems open to marriage but said recently that she and her boyfriend have not chosen to take the plunge yet.

Greta Garbo

Some women just aren’t interested in being married. Some have been engaged and then gotten cold feet. Legendary actress Greta Garbo, however, took it a step further. She actually left her fiance, actor Jack Gilbert, standing at the altar. Even after she pulled the runaway bride routine, though, she said that she would have been interested in marriage if she had met the right person.

Diane Keaton

Though Diane Keaton has played a number of roles in her film and TV career, she has never played the role of wife in real life. She has been active on the dating scene over the years and linked to some of the most famous men in show business, including such notables as Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Warren Beatty. Diane said that when it comes down to it, she’s not willing to sacrifice her independence to ensure a happy marriage.

Coco Chanel

Fashion designer Coco Chanel had a very interesting take on relationships. She said she didn’t want to weigh anymore on a man’s life than a bird would, and so she tended to keep her relationships quite casual. She was often seen with good-looking men, but never got serious with any of them. One interesting rumor: many say that she secretly had a child that was raised by her sister.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has found success in every facet of her life. She has gone from being a simple actress and TV host to one of the richest women in the world. Many have wondered if she was afraid to get married because she didn’t want to deal with the financial hardships of a possible divorce. However, Oprah said that she’s just happy dating her longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham, who she has been with for over 30 years now.

Jacqueline Bisset

Jacqueline Bisset has been a successful actress for quite some time, and she has had some serious boyfriends, too. In fact, two of her relationships have lasted for seven years each, with another that lasted a whopping 14 years! However, she said she never got married because the longer you’re with someone, the harder it gets to ignore their bad habits.

Sarah Silverman

Actress and comedian Sarah Silverman does not make a habit of keeping her opinions to herself, which is part of what has made her so funny over the years. When it comes to marriage, she said that getting hitched just isn’t something that interests her. Her exes can testify to that fact. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Sheen, who she dated in the past.

Winona Ryder

From the late 80s through today, it’s hard to think of a time when actress Winona Ryder hasn’t been popular. Her recent performance as a constantly distraught mother on Stranger Things has thrust her back in the limelight and made people wonder all over again why she hasn’t been married. She has been with Scott Mackinlay Hahn for six years but says she doesn’t see marriage happening. In the past, she’s been engaged to Johnny Depp and dated Matt Damon and Keanu Reeves.

Goldie Hawn

In the case of Goldie Hawn, her choice not to get married certainly hasn’t had anything to do with a lack of commitment. After all, she and actor Kurt Russell have been together for over three decades and had four kids together! However, the two have never felt compelled to get married. Goldie said that she doesn’t think marriage is something you should do just to say that you did it.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has been a model, a pop star, an actress, and everything in between during her career. She has even been engaged to former beau Joshua Sasse, but that didn’t last. So why hasn’t she been married yet? Well, if you ask her, she’ll tell you that she doesn’t necessarily need the security of a relationship and she enjoys having the freedom to make her own choices.

Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker has never been married, so she can relate to her character on Weeds once her husband passes away and she must do everything on her own. Another similarity between art and real life is that Mary has undergone some rough times. She was seven months pregnant with Billy Crudup’s child when, like a scoundrel, he ran off to be with Claire Danes. No wonder she hasn’t been in any hurry to get married since!


Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu has long been one of the top actresses in the world, starring in everything from The Elementary to the Charlie’s Angels series. She has also been active in the dating world, having been linked to George Clooney, Will McCormack, and others. She had a long relationship with Noam Gottesman, too, but it didn’t go anywhere. In 2015, she opted to have a son through surrogacy.

Condoleeza Rice

Many years before she became famous as the Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice was engaged to Rick Upchurch, an NFL player. That relationship did not last, though, and she went on to political stardom and left the idea of relationships behind. It doesn’t seem like Condoleeza is against marriage, but she says she hasn’t met someone she’d want to be with for the rest of her life yet.

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls is one of the numerous actresses in Hollywood that has a good relationship going and doesn’t see the need to take it to a marital level. She has dated Peter Krause for seven years, and while she admitted that she’s open to marriage, she doesn’t feel like it’s necessary for them to enjoy being together.

Sheryl Crow

Once upon a time, singer Sheryl Crow was quite close to walking down the aisle with cyclist Lance Armstrong. However, the two decided to call off their engagement before Armstrong even went through his later doping scandals. Crow afterward had a good take on the event, saying that broken engagements are better than broken marriages. She has dated in the days since that relationship but decided not to marry and lives with her two adopted sons in Tennessee.

Lauryn Hill

The enigmatic songstress and rapper Lauryn Hill has always kept her fans guessing. Not only is her music the subject of discussion, but her love life is, too. She dated Bob Marley’s son Rohan for 15 years, and the two have a large family together, with five children. However, they never got married. It may have something to do with how she got pregnant in 2011 with a baby that wasn’t his.

Kourtney Kardashian

While Kourtney’s sisters have been on and off the relationship treadmill several times, Kourtney has had a fairly lengthy dating relationship with Scott Disick for a total of 10 years. They two have even had three children together. However, they never got married, and in 2015, they broke up seemingly for good. Will Kourtney ever tie the knot with someone else? We’ll have to wait and see.

Edie Falco

TV drama fans have certainly grown acquainted with Edie Falco over the years, thanks to her roles on Sopranos and Nurse Jackie. Outside of acting, she has adopted two daughters, but she has not yet decided to get married. She has even said that she is hesitant to take the leap, since she has observed a lot of unhappy marriages during her life.

Allison Janney

While television actress Allison Janney has starred on the show Mom as a wife and mother, she has not decided to start a family in real life. Instead, she is single, but she also said that she wouldn’t mind getting serious with the right person, especially if that person could be a good travel companion. Her career has been a rousing success, so she’s unlikely to change anything anytime soon.

Tyra Banks

From the biggest supermodel on the planet to producer and television personality, Tyra Banks has always lived her life in the limelight. Tyra is now in her 40s but hasn’t seemed to slow down and doesn’t seem worried about getting married. She’s currently with Erik Asla, and she has a son with him, so perhaps sometime soon we’ll see Tyra with a ring on her finger.

Shonda Rhimes

While Shonda Rhimes isn’t known for getting in front of the camera, she’s a very successful Hollywood producer whose credits include Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Perhaps she’s still single because of the demands of her career? She did tell Oprah Winfrey once that she doesn’t want to lose the life she’s built for herself, and she seems content to be the mother of three children.

Miranda Richardson

Throughout her film career, Miranda Richardson has played interesting characters on Sleepy Hollow, Phantom of the Opera, and other films. However, she’s not secretive about her personal life, despite the mysterious characters she plays. Richardson has told the press that she has not yet met the right guy, but she also seems at peace with the fact that marriage hasn’t happened for her just yet.

Harper Lee

Time for a throwback celebrity in the form of To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee. Like the stereotypical novelist, Harper led a very solitary life, and she dated from time to time, but never met anyone that knocked her socks off, said Marja Mills, who wrote her biography. Instead, her work always took precedent over any personal pursuits.

Dina Meyer

By their 30s, or certainly their 40s, many women start to feel serious pressure regarding marriage. However, Dina Meyer is almost 50 and is quite at ease with the fact that she hasn’t been married. The former Starship Troopers and Johnny Mnemonic star has dated Shane West and Billy Joel in the past, but has kept her dating life private since the 1990s and doesn’t seem to have any marital prospects on the horizon.

Jane Austen

Novelists seem to like living solitary lives. Jane Austen certainly did, and her unique outlook that was summed up in such books as Pride and Prejudice was reflected in her personal life. She didn’t feel any need to conform to societal norms, and even her relationship with Tom Lefroy was never consummated with a typical marriage.

Jorja Fox

If you’ve spent much time watching dramas such as The West Wing and CSI, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the fittingly named Jorja Fox. Personally, she likes to play her cards rather close to the vest and although everyone knows she’s dated people in the past, her marital status is kept under wraps. There were rumors that she had secretly gotten married in the past, but they turned out to be incorrect.

Queen Elizabeth I

Back in her day, Queen Elizabeth I of England was nicknamed “The Virgin Queen,” a nickname that she earned by never getting married. She did not have anything against child-bearing or marriage, however. Instead, she didn’t think that the political climate was right for her to marry any other world leaders, which is the only way she would be able to pair up with someone.

Janet Napolitano

Former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano has held many other political posts, including U.S. State Secretary of Homeland Security and president of the University of California. She has even been ranked the ninth most powerful woman by Forbes. With all of her career stuff, maybe she felt that she didn’t have time to settle down, or maybe she just didn’t care to.

Susan B. Anthony

It may not come as a surprise that someone like Susan B. Anthony never got married, considering that she spent her life fighting for women’s rights in a time when a wife was essentially the property of her husband. “When I was young, if a girl married poor, she became a housekeeper and a drudge,” Anthony once said. “If she married wealth, she became a pet and a doll.”

Marisa Tomei

Actress Marisa Tomei has long been regarded as one of the most talented and beautiful women in Hollywood, but she has never tied the knot. The former Oscar winner did engage Logan Marshall, but the two broke up not long after and she seems quite content to be on her own for the time being. As for marriage, she’s been quoted as saying that it’s not her favorite idea for herself.

Cote de Pablo

On NCIS, Cote de Pablo was a regular part of viewers’ lives for years as one of the stars of the hit show. She also was a longtime girlfriend of actor Diego Serrano, who she began seeing in 2000 and stayed with until 2015. However, the two never decided to get engaged and ultimately broke up. Since then, Cote has not been linked with anyone.

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky has undoubtedly had a hard time meeting men considering her history and infamous affair with former President Bill Clinton while he was in office. She has stayed busy and now specializes in working to end cyberbullying, so being single may not bother her too much. She seems open to marriage, but it may be difficult for her to meet the right guy.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes rose to fame in the 2000s although her career really started in the late-1990s. She first attracted major attention when she popped up on the movie Training Day. From there, her career soared and her name was known the world over.

She acted in classic movies like Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Hitch. It may shock many people out there, but this beauty has never been married before in her life. That said, she has been in a relationship with Ryan Gosling since 2011 and she even had two kids with him.

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm touched us all when he portrayed Don Draper in the famous television series Mad Men. He won a ton of awards for appearing in the classic show. He has since been on shows like Black MirrorParks and Recreation and Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

Despite not being a main cast member on any particular show, his acting career is still thriving. Sadly, this amazing actor has never been married. That said, he was in a relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt from 1997 to 2015.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has risen through the movie ranks from being a regular comedy actor to being one of Hollywood’s most treasured actors. He has acted in an astounding amount of amazing movies. We all remember him for the work he’s done with Wes Anderson.

He has also worked across some legends like Julia Roberts, Jackie Chan, and Bill Murray. Although he is now 50-years-old, we think he still has an amazing career ahead of him. Sadly, despite his success, he has never been married.

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is currently the most popular athlete in the world. Nobody could get enough of a girl that isn’t only beautiful but drives a fast car. That said, this girl definitely has had her share of men and has even been married twice before, but both of these marriages crumbled to the ground. She is currently in a really serious relationship with an NFL quarterback named Aaron Rodgers. Let’s see if this is forever or only another stepping stone.