Hysterical Wedding Pictures From Russia


A wedding is an essential milestone of a complete and fulfilling life. Often a wedding party can get out of hand, and some pretty funny antics can end up going down. Apparently, in Russia pretty funny antics are going down 100% of the time. In fact, the bizarreness of the occasion starts as early as the wedding photos. Brace yourself; you won’t believe how wacky these photos can get.

Our Mini Versions

Welcome to this couple’s bizarre fantasy world. One can’t begin to understand what inspired this couple to release this very odd photo shoot. Every aspect of this particular picture leads one to wonder. Why are they laughing in a bucket? What are they looking down on miniature versions of themselves? What can this all possibly mean?

Bring In The Llamas

It should shock nobody that Russian weddings can be a bit on the wild side. Some weddings are known to last up to five days long and even get to a point where family members start dressing up as farm animals. What exactly in this costume supposed to be? Looks to me like the fine mix of a cow and llama.


These Doves Won’t Fly

Usually, at weddings, it is tradition to release two doves and watch them fly into the distance. As you might have guessed, these two aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. I like to think that they’ve thrown these dead and perfectly edible chickens into the air a dozen times now and are still waiting for that wedding day miracle.  No matter how much you scream at that bird, it won’t fly.


All About Her

Without question, it is all about her and her husband is little more than a background blur. This photo pretty sums up the grooms future. He will play a supporting cast member in a television show that focuses on her life. It is time to wave goodbye and quietly depart from his existence.


Sailing Bride

Nothing is more beautiful or romantic then your blushing, jet motored bride rushing towards you from across the water. Can there be anything more romantic? Picture you marrying someone you aren’t exactly crazy about. Suddenly while standing at the alter you hear someone calling your name and its this woman moving across the sea.

Russians On The Moon

That’s right, while everyone sleeps tightly in bed, Russian couples are sitting on the moon and watching over us all. I don’t know how it makes you feel, but I’d rather not have Yulia and Igor looking over me as I sleep. That said, why are Russians the only ones that can chill on the moon?


Bear At The Alter

Most don’t know this, but bears in Russia aren’t solely creatures that climb trees, hunt fish and tarnish campgrounds. A bear has to make a living and in Russia and they do so by becoming a registered priest. This may be an odd scene for anyone else in the world, but in Russia, this is very common.


Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

This is a scene straight out of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. It will be a humanitarian’s nightmare to spot this looking up at you after mowing the lawn. The lives of people small enough to stand on a blade of grass will not be easy. Imagine wars with ants swarms, hiding from bees and worms, and people randomly watering the grass.


Disney Meets Russia

This is what’s born when Disney meets Russia. As the groom scoops up his bride and her twenty-pound dress into his arms, they start floating over Moscow and singing an offbeat version of A Whole New World in thick Russian accents. The magic carpet has been completely swapped for a few flimsy balloons, and the two look uncomfortable and annoyed.


The Runaway Bride

The runaway bride has been caught. While in most of the world the runaway bride would walk freely and leave behind a chapel of heartbroken family and friends, in Russia it is a direct challenge. The groom will storm after her and drag her back to the church.

Jet Pack Dad

Seem that Russians are quite obsessed with shrinking people down. This father walking his daughter down the aisle, or in this case backyard stairway is no exception. No one wants to be shrunken down, but he was all for it if they’d give him a rocket pack. At that moment regular dad became rocket pack dad.

Saying Goodbye

While 90% of weddings tend to call for happy pictures of people celebrating, this couple decided to go down a different route. They photoshopped together this bizarre photo of her floating away into Moscow while he stands crushed on the other side of the window. Maybe this is just a cold reminder of how things can turn out.

A Goose’s Meal

I don’t think that goose should be trusted. Look at his sinister face, the cold eyes and drool ever so slightly dripping from his beak. He is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a meal out of this happy Russian couple.

Giant Love Triangle

This ultimately what happens when you, your bride and your best man who just so happens to be a giant are trapped in a love triangle. Right before she could say, “I do” he just freaked out and started tearing everything apart.

A Romantic Climb

Either he has climbed up to give her these flowers or she is giving them to him. We cannot be too certain as to how this has worked itself out. Why he couldn’t use the stairs or life is beyond any of us. I suppose at the end of the day climbing is just a little more romantic.

Short Man With A Camera

Although a super short cameraman may have been cheaper, it certainly led to a drop in quality pictures. All throughout the wedding people have had to bend down to get their pictures take or he’d have to stand on chairs. This should be a lesson learned for everyone.

Wedding On Jurassic Park

Russians love turning their weddings into real life action flicks. What better way to do this then to photoshop a dinosaur into your wedding picture. That said, it would have been amazing if they could have got something that didn’t look made from 20-years-old graphics.

Fall Photoshop


Embracing Russia’s freezing fall weather, this young couple has decided to photoshop a bunch of clones of themselves to be ruffled in photoshopped leaves in what appears to be someone’s backyard. Whoever was in charge of the handiwork here should definitely give this couple back a refund for these shotty pictures.

The Baby Bird And The Beautiful Couple

This couple will stay together in the face of any challenge, even if that challenge is a giant baby bird. I think if they were going to go for some threatening monster, they could have least went for something threatening because this bird creature just isn’t. Maybe a cool dragon or Godzilla would have been great choices. That said, the bird does add a comedic effect.

It Has Only Started

It was on the way to wedding that this young chap got his first taste of what the married life is all about.  He will be doing the heavy lifting, she will call the shots and if he so desires to go out with his friends, he can forget about it. In the picture he is showing just a little bit of a smile, but this no joke and he’ll soon find those words to be a complete truth.


Russian Strength

While the guy from the last picture is struggling to pull a little wagon, this guys is lifting a whole car over his head with absolute ease. We have to also mention that there are three people in that cars. In many cases we’d suspect this picture of being photo shopped, but honestly I just think he is Russian and everything is bigger in Russia, including muscles.


Centaurs All Along

This picture represents a truth that most Russians don’t want the outside world to know and that is their natural ability to turn into centaurs. They’ll never do this in Moscow where they can easily be spotted by some wander tourist. they save such a transformation for their weddings usually. This is when they find a secluded beach and run freely along the golden shores.

Traffic Cop’s Wedding

If this picture was supposed to be charming in any kind of way, it goes completely over my head. As i sit here and ponder upon this enigma, I figure he is some kind of traffic cop. This picture is supposed to capture what makes his entire world. There he is in his uniform with his soon to be wife. She has his little badge on her purse that signifies the pride she has in her husband.

The Mystery Pipe

This Russian couple tried to go for an artsy and abstract photo. Unfortunately, I think it was a total fail. I spent over five minute looking at this pipe and wondering what it was supposed to mean. Why is it there? Does it symbolize some kind of draught that they survived? I could wonder about this pipe forever and will probably never come to the real conclusion.

Holding On For Dear Life

This Russian couple decided to use a cow statue outside of a building and create a rather funny picture. We see here a young man holding onto the tail of a raging bull while his bride grabs him by the suit. In doing this she successfully prevents him or the bull from running off in the distance. While some of the pictures here are very extreme, I think this one has a charm that is fully legit.

Tracksuit Wedding Tux

If there is one thing that Russians like, it is their tracksuits. Don’t believe me? You can go to Moscow and see for yourself. Businessmen, police officers, children and even school teachers will be decked out in the newest Adidas tracksuit. Look at this chap here. We must say that he is looking very classy and dignified in his wedding tracksuit. A tuxedo can never compared to that coolness.

Tracksuit Couple

This takes things to a whole new level. He didn’t settle for a nicely ironed tracksuit, but decided to get tracksuit tuxedo. This way he looks extra fresh for his big day. Then we see the bride talking away on her mobile and getting nervous over her tardy groom. Much like him, she is also wearing a tracksuit. In Russia they aren’t famous with only guys, but girls also.

Hitting The Waves

Believe it or not, this isn’t photoshopped. Just kidding. You won’t find many places in Russia to hit the waves. Beyond the resort town of Sochi I think the world’s biggest country is pretty beach free. That said, this couple is dreaming big and are going to drive their luxury car right into the nearest ocean and drive all the way Hawaii.


Resting At The Wedding

If it isn’t apparent now, Russian weddings are full of humor and cool antics. Look at these guys down below. They are absolutely having the time of their lives. Russian weddings can go on for a week and sometimes you’ll find yourself in dire need of a rest. This is probably the only way that you can get some sleep at the wedding.

The Warning Pigeon

This pigeon has had enough and it wants someone to stop this wedding now. He cannot stand back and watch this couple make the biggest mistake of their lives. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak Russian and can’t voice his opinion. This is why has taken to flying into the cameraman.