Hysterical Wedding Pictures From Russia


Our Mini Versions

Welcome to this couple’s bizarre fantasy world. One can’t begin to understand what inspired this couple to release this very odd photo shoot. Every aspect of this particular picture leads one to wonder. Why are they laughing in a bucket? What are they looking down on miniature versions of themselves? What can this all possibly mean?

Bring In The Llamas

It should shock nobody that Russian weddings can be a bit on the wild side. Some weddings are known to last up to five days long and even get to a point where family members start dressing up as farm animals. What exactly in this costume supposed to be? Looks to me like the fine mix of a cow and llama.

Stuff Her In The Pocket

He finally got her, and he isn’t going to let her go anywhere. It will be entertaining to see where this couple ends up in a few years. Will she find that life isn’t much different from this picture and she is stuck in one of his hypothetical big pockets?

This Is Russia

Can any picture sum of Russia more better than this? Here we have an otherwise good looking couple kissing by a bridge while a homeless man looks on. The cigarette, the black eye, and rugged smile. This picture really brings together every side of the country.

Playing The Bride

Here is a picture of a Russian guy playing his wife like a violin. He looks like he’s rocking out, she looks bedazzled, and logic and reason are completely missing from this picture. Maybe he means to play her, or perhaps he is a violin player?


These Doves Won’t Fly

Usually, at weddings, it is tradition to release two doves and watch them fly into the distance. As you might have guessed, these two aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. I like to think that they’ve thrown these dead and perfectly edible chickens into the air a dozen times now and are still waiting for that wedding day miracle.  No matter how much you scream at that bird, it won’t fly.


Evolved From The Elephant

Anyone who looks at this photo for a mere second will easily see that there is a stunning resemblance between the woman and the elephant in the picture above her. That said, was this photo planned or complete coincidence? At the heart of the matter, we can definitely say that this woman looks mighty and that husband will always have someone to protect him.

All About Her

Without question, it is all about her and her husband is little more than a background blur. This photo pretty sums up the grooms future. He will play a supporting cast member in a television show that focuses on her life. It is time to wave goodbye and quietly depart from his existence.

Misplaced legs

It is very hard to see what went wrong here. The faulty image could be due to some mistake in the photo lab, a leg condition on the lady’s part or she could even be sitting on something? Why they decided to keep this picture for their wedding gallery is way beyond me. Another concern is that everyone in the photo looks happy except the bride and groom.

Perfect Place for A Photo

Although this is a wedding picture, it looks a lot more like a picture of two long-held captives that are seeing the world for the first time. The guy is awkwardly looking running towards the camera while the young lady in enamored by something to her left. This is simply one of the oddest wedding pictures ever.

Sailing Bride

Nothing is more beautiful or romantic then your blushing, jet motored bride rushing towards you from across the water. Can there be anything more romantic? Picture you marrying someone you aren’t exactly crazy about. Suddenly while standing at the alter you hear someone calling your name and its this woman moving across the sea.

Mothers Partying Too Hard

We all know that person who parties a little too hard at weddings and ends up making a complete fool of themselves. In this case, it just happens to be the bride’s mom. From the looks of this family photo, everybody seems to be used to these antics. Now let’s talk about the horrible dresses the elderly seem to be wearing.

The Bride Of Frankenstein

Is this a wedding photo or the cover of a 1950’s horror movie. We can call it Frankenstein Captures The Angelic Bride. It looks like he caught an angel as she was trying to fly back to heaven. I don’t even want to know what happens next. Just look at his eyes and that grin.


When Nobody Shows Up To Your Wedding

This is what happens when nobody shows up to your wedding besides for the hired musician who proceeds to play for the empty room because it’s against his principle to get paid for nothing. You can tell by the look on the bride’s face that this is one day she’ll never forget.


Russians On The Moon

That’s right, while everyone sleeps tightly in bed, Russian couples are sitting on the moon and watching over us all. I don’t know how it makes you feel, but I’d rather not have Yulia and Igor looking over me as I sleep. That said, why are Russians the only ones that can chill on the moon?


Bear At The Alter

Most don’t know this, but bears in Russia aren’t solely creatures that climb trees, hunt fish and tarnish campgrounds. A bear has to make a living and in Russia and they do so by becoming a registered priest. This may be an odd scene for anyone else in the world, but in Russia, this is very common.


Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

This is a scene straight out of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. It will be a humanitarian’s nightmare to spot this looking up at you after mowing the lawn. The lives of people small enough to stand on a blade of grass will not be easy. Imagine wars with ants swarms, hiding from bees and worms, and people randomly watering the grass.

I Will Drop You

He’ll have to learn to play by her rules now. Although she was kind and sweet in the beginning, every single wrongdoing results in a threat of getting thrown over a bridge. From the looks of her, she’d have no problem letting him fall into the cold water below.

We’re having Twins

In Russia, this is where babies really come from. On any given wedding day a Russian bride walkings into a dirty river and pulls out two babies riding on lettuce pieces that were likely discarded from the nearest portside restaurant.


Disney Meets Russia

This is what’s born when Disney meets Russia. As the groom scoops up his bride and her twenty-pound dress into his arms, they start floating over Moscow and singing an offbeat version of A Whole New World in thick Russian accents. The magic carpet has been completely swapped for a few flimsy balloons, and the two look uncomfortable and annoyed.


The Runaway Bride

The runaway bride has been caught. While in most of the world the runaway bride would walk freely and leave behind a chapel of heartbroken family and friends, in Russia it is a direct challenge. The groom will storm after her and drag her back to the church.

Shrinking Each Other

The intensions here are quite clear. While she looks mighty happy and he looks content to show her off this way, things take a scary turn when the places are switched. Suddenly he is standing in one of her shoes and visibly shaken. All the while she has a less than pleased expression on her face.

Jet Pack Dad

Seem that Russians are quite obsessed with shrinking people down. This father walking his daughter down the aisle, or in this case backyard stairway is no exception. No one wants to be shrunken down, but he was all for it if they’d give him a rocket pack. At that moment regular dad became rocket pack dad.

Saying Goodbye

While 90% of weddings tend to call for happy pictures of people celebrating, this couple decided to go down a different route. They photoshopped together this bizarre photo of her floating away into Moscow while he stands crushed on the other side of the window. Maybe this is just a cold reminder of how things can turn out.

A Goose’s Meal

I don’t think that goose should be trusted. Look at his sinister face, the cold eyes and drool ever so slightly dripping from his beak. He is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a meal out of this happy Russian couple.

Giant Love Triangle

This ultimately what happens when you, your bride and your best man who just so happens to be a giant are trapped in a love triangle. Right before she could say, “I do” he just freaked out and started tearing everything apart.

A Romantic Climb

Either he has climbed up to give her these flowers or she is giving them to him. We cannot be too certain as to how this has worked itself out. Why he couldn’t use the stairs or life is beyond any of us. I suppose at the end of the day climbing is just a little more romantic.

Short Man With A Camera

Although a super short cameraman may have been cheaper, it certainly led to a drop in quality pictures. All throughout the wedding people have had to bend down to get their pictures take or he’d have to stand on chairs. This should be a lesson learned for everyone.

Wedding On Jurassic Park

Russians love turning their weddings into real life action flicks. What better way to do this then to photoshop a dinosaur into your wedding picture. That said, it would have been amazing if they could have got something that didn’t look made from 20-years-old graphics.

The Warning Pigeon

This pigeon has had enough and it wants someone to stop this wedding now. He cannot stand back and watch this couple make the biggest mistake of their lives. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak Russian and can’t voice his opinion. This is why has taken to flying into the cameraman.