Wife Dies Soon After Giving Birth, Then Husband Logs Into Her Pregnancy Blog & Discovers This


Meet Matt & Liz

Matt Logelin and Liz met in high school. “She was perfect,” Matt told Rachael Ray.”Perfect in every way. She was smart, she was funny.” Liz felt the same way about Matt, and the two began dating. They were together for eight years before they got married. It was the beginning of their forever together. Eventually, they decided it was time to start a family. Sadly, it was this dream that ultimately led to tragedy.

The Pregnancy

Matt and Liz discovered they were pregnant and immediately shared the news with family and friends. Unfortunately, many of their loved ones live in a different state. So they began contemplating how they could give their family and friends frequent updates about Liz. There was only one option – a blog.

Liz & Matt Began Writing

A blog was a perfect way for Matt and Liz to communicate with family. They updated the blog almost daily with written posts and pictures. Family and friends would comment about how radiant Liz looked and how excited they were to meet baby Logelin. However, the blog became even more crucial for updates after Liz began suffering from complications.

Liz Was Put On Bed Rest

“Liz kind of had a difficult pregnancy, and she was put on bed rest for five weeks,” Matt said in an interview. “The updates [on the blog] helped really well as the phone calls decreased quite a bit.” With the updates on the blog, family and friends knew they didn’t have to bother the now worried couple. Luckily, it seemed as though the bedrest was working and Liz’s and the baby’s health was improving.

Baby Madeline Is On The Way

On March 6, 2008, Matt posted on the blog to give his family an update. At this point, Liz was on bed rest in the hospital. Doctors told the couple their baby was ready to come out. They began preparing to meet their baby, who they decided would be named Madeline. “Oh man, she coming, albeit a little earlier than expected,” Matt posted on the blog. “One thing is certain…Madeline wants out.”

It Was Not Time Yet

As Liz continued her bed rest in the hospital and her health continued to improve. With Liz’s improving health the doctors were happy to say that the baby did not to be delivered just yet. This was good news as Liz was only at 31 weeks. “Things are looking good. Liz is feeling better,” Matt wrote on the blog. “Baby is doing well and apparently is willing to stay inside a bit longer.”

Everything Was Once Again Perfect

As Liz continued to spend more time in the hospital, her health continued to improve. Friends and family sent flowers, and a manicurist even visited Liz. Liz was happy, which doctors say also made the baby happy. Furthermore, as they say, happy wife, happy life. Matt was ecstatic to see Liz and baby Maddy doing so well. It looked like it was going to be smooth sailing moving on.

No News Is Good News

Liz continued to stay in the hospital and Matt would continue to visit her often. He frequently wrote about the uncomfortable foldout chair in her hospital room in which he slept. But, Liz was still happy, and her health continued to make progress. However, the doctors continued to keep a watchful eye on the baby.

It Was Time

After five weeks of bedrest (2 at home and 3 in the hospital), it was finally time. Early on March 24, 2008, doctors told the couple they would be performing a c-section. The surgery went smoothly. Madeline was here. Both Liz and Madeline were healthy. All the doctors and nurses said it was a huge success.

A Brief Meeting

Right after Madeline was delivered, they showed her to Liz for a brief moment. “I got to show her [Madeline] to Liz for just the briefest of seconds,” Matt told Rachael Ray. Because of the c-section, Liz was told to stay in bed for another 24 hours. Liz did five weeks in bed; another 24 hours wouldn’t hurt. However, she was anxious to hold her little girl.

Liz Waited Anxiously To Hold Her Baby Girl

Matt had split time between the NICU to see Madeline and Liz’s hospital room. Matt would spend time with Maddy and then return to Liz with pictures and stories. He even joked that he had changed so many more diapers than her already that she had to catch up when given a chance. Finally, 24 hours passed and Liz was allowed to get up out of bed.

Liz Took Her First Walk In Weeks

Liz was ready to get up out of bed. She was helped up by doctors and nurses and took a slow walk around the room. Matt and the nurses joked about her newfound independence. Matt even joked that now she had to take care of him for five weeks to return the favor. She replied with a laugh and said: “Of course.” After checking herself out in the mirror, the nurse asked her if she was ready to go.

Time To Meet Madeline

Liz was more than ready to go. After a rough pregnancy, which included several weeks on bed rest, she was ready to meet her new angel. Liz’s joy was overflowing. Matt was also excited for this moment. The first love of his life would now meet the second love of his life. Everything was perfect at this moment, then suddenly it happened.

“I Feel Lightheaded.”

As Liz went to sit down in the wheelchair to be pushed to the NICU, she said: “I feel lightheaded.” She instantly collapsed. Suddenly, several doctors and nurses ran into the room and Matt was quickly escorted away. “I remember two of them [doctors] walking out the room arm in arm and crying,” Matt told Rachael Ray. It was at that point that Matt realized his life had changed forever.

A Pulmonary Embolism

“I knew right then that Liz was gone,” Matt said. Liz had suffered from a pulmonary embolism. On the blog, Matt wrote that bad luck and a pulmonary embolism “led us to the saddest, most horrific moment of my life (and many other people’s lives).” None of the doctors even realized she had a clot. Everyone involved was devastated.

“Perfection To Absolute Hell”

“In 27 hours it went from my version of just perfection to absolute hell,” Matt said. Liz had a blood clot in her leg that had traveled up into her lungs. The clot blocked the passageways into her lungs. Doctors later discovered the clot was so large that once it had moved to her lungs, her death was instant.

They Were Supposed To Have So Much More Time

“We had 80 years left together. We didn’t have 10 minutes; we didn’t have those last 5 minutes. This wasn’t how this was supposed to happen,” Matt said. “What do I do, I do not know how to live without her.” Matt’s grief was instant. However, there was someone who still needed him, Maddy.

Could He Do It Alone?

Matt was unsure if he would be able to raise baby Maddy on his own. Liz had read all of the books; she knew what to do. Matt wasn’t prepared for what lied ahead. “I was completely lost, I had no idea what I was going to do without her. Just when it came to being a human being, being a father, being a husband, all of that stuff had completely changed. My role in life was forever altered, in that moment that she died,” Matt said in an interview.

How Could He Move On?

Matt was depressed, he was grieving the loss of his wife as well as worrying about the future of his new baby daughter. Family and friends comforted him. However, he still felt like he needed to do something. He needed to express his feelings in a different way. He returned to the project he began with his wife. He opened the blog and began writing.

He Began Writing

Matt began pouring his heart into the blog. He wrote about his experiences both good and bad. Matt chronicled his new life as a single dad. He missed Liz deeply, and it showed in his writing. He had good days, and he had bad days. But, through his blog he discovered something, he never thought he would.

Through The Blog, He Discovered Something

Matt wrote about his experiences because he did not know any other way to deal with them. “I had total strangers who were reading about my life and Maddy’s life every single day,” Matt said. “They became a great support system. They would try to do things and send us things to make our day-to-day-lives that much better.” Matt had a small support system in the city he lived as many friends and family lived far away. He discovered he had a family through his blog.

There Was Only Kindness

Matt was incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of generosity and kindness random strangers were giving him. “No one asked for anything in return…All they wanted to do was give us some sort of hope that we were going to get through this really awful moment,” Matt said. After Liz passed, Matt thought he was going to have to go through things alone. However, with this new community, he was not alone.

Thousands Began Reading His Blog

Matt’s new community was not a small one. The project that was created as a way to communicate to family and friends was now being read by thousands of people. People from across the globe were following Matt’s story. He began receiving hundreds of comments of support on his blog, as well as comments with advice. Whenever Matt needed help or an answer he could always trust his followers to be there.

He Became Frustrated With The Kindness

The level of kindness he was strangers was amazing. He met so many people through his writing, many of which were widows and widowers like him. “I was getting all this stuff…I felt a great sense of frustration that all of this attention and all of these great things were being put in my direction. I saw all of these other people who needed it far more than I did.” Matt knew he had to do something. He wanted to take the platform of his blog and use it to better other people’s lives.

Began The Liz Logelin Foundation

The Liz Logelin Foundation (LLF) is a non-profit with the mission to “assist widows and widowers with young families who find themselves in the heartbreaking, catastrophic situation of having lost a spouse, life-partner, and parent.  The Foundation’s goal is to financially assist these families as they deal with the loss of their loved ones, and struggle to move forward.” Matt created the foundation in 2009.

The Foundation Gives Hope

To Matt, the foundation gives more than just financial support; it gives the families a sense of hope. “When these families lose that parent, the world could look incredibly bleak. If there’s one moment in that short time period that we can give them the hope that they need to move on and to carry on and to move forward with their lives it can mean a world of difference,” Matt said in an interview.

Thanks To The Blog He Has Found Happiness

In 2015, Matt sat down for an interview with The Liz Logelin Foundation. He said, “All these years after Liz died, I am surprisingly doing pretty well. I am doing OK with Maddy, and I attribute most of that and most the success I’ve had since Liz’s death and just the happiness we have been able to find to the great support system we’ve had.” Matt could not be more thankful for the friends he found through the blog.