Girl’s Boyfriend Couldn’t Make It To Prom So She Does This


Skylar and Gage Lived a Teenage Couple’s Fantasy

For over a year Skylar Fontaine and Gage Moak have been living every teenage couple’s romantic fantasy. They had been dating for over a year and their relationship only seemed to be getting stronger as time went by. That’s not to say that their relationship didn’t come with some major obstacles to overcome.

Separated By One Obstacle

While it wouldn’t sound like such a dire difference to the average adult, Skylar and Gage had a year difference in age. This meant that when Skylar was starting her senior year of high school, Gage was experiencing his first year as a free man. It was during this time that he decided he’d join the marines.  Skylar was supportive of his decision but really had no idea how this would affect their relationship in the months to come.

Skylar Always Stood by His Side

The difference in their situations had little effect on their bond. Skylar knew that it had been her boyfriend’s longtime dream to be in the U.S. Marines and she was going to support him no matter what. She stated in an interview with People, “It was his dream to become a Marine and I will make sure I stand at his side. I’ve been at his side throughout the entire process of him becoming a Marine and because of that, we share a special bond.”

Gage was Unable to Make Prom

That said, when the New Orleans teen found out that her boyfriend wouldn’t be present for prom night, she was naturally crushed. This is one of the biggest events in high school. Nobody wants to sway alone under the romantic music and scenic backdrop of their own prom while their significant other is on the other side of the country. Sadly, for Skylar, this could become a reality.

Gage Would be in Combat Training

While dozens of high school kids would be getting suited in their best tuxedos and dresses, Gage would be over 1,000 miles away on America’s east coast undergoing combat training. This meant that while his high school was being lined up with kids ready to party, he’d be crawling through the mud, performing drills and going through a number of other vigorous exercises that would ready him up for a life of defending his country.


Skylar Was Unhappy But Understanding

Skylar wasn’t happy about him not being able to make the prom, but she understood Gage’s situation. In fact, it was she who had been Gage’s biggest supporter during his Marine enrollment process. That said, she was still a high school senior and still wanted to experience the prom she had been dreaming and hearing about all of her life. The dancing, the lights, the fancy dress and the limo ride didn’t seem like it’d amount to much without Gage by her side.


She Had Plenty Of Options

It wasn’t like she was out of options. Come March 16th, Skylar still could have gone out and had a proper prom. There were probably a dozen guys who would have been more than pleased to accompany her to the event. We are sure she got a few invites from some. Alas, that reality was far from the evening she had been picturing since childhood.

The Prom Hype Got To Her

The prom hype that took Skylar’s high school campus by storm made things only harder for her. Every prom banner that decked the hall would become another cold reminder of a dream gone unfulfilled. The excitement that her friends displayed left her feeling isolated and detached from the campus-wide festivity. She hadn’t seen Gage in months and not only was his visiting date postponed, but he was missing out on the most exciting date of the year.

Gage’s Heart Broke for Her

Things definitely weren’t as hard for Gage, but they weren’t easy. He loved Skylar and to see that his dream of being a marine had eclipsed and ruined a day she had been looking forward to for so many years, broke his heart. When he broke the news to her she didn’t take it very well. However, she did take better than he initially pictured her taking it, but he knew she was hurt.

He Hoped She’d Find Some Joy in Prom

Sadly, Gage couldn’t call her up and comfort her on a nightly basis. He had no idea how her current state was. He knew that his old high school took prom very seriously and that she’d be surrounded by that hype. He was hoping that maybe she could manage to get some joy out of the prom, even if he couldn’t be there to enjoy it with her. Maybe she could go with friends and still have a magical evening.

Prom Was Stuck On Her Mind

Skylar would spend night after night thinking of a way to make her prom a very magical event, despite the love of her life not being by her side. She’d lose hours of sleep and even sometimes zone out in class. There had to be a way she could do the prom, and do it so that it felt right for everybody. She already knew that she wouldn’t be going with another guy.

Skylar Had A Long-Standing Vision of Her Prom

Not everyone has a date for prom. In fact, a large chunk of people who go to prom often end up going alone or with a group of friends who are also alone. For them, prom is more like a big party where anything can happen.  There are also those that go to prom with the hopes of finding love. Skylar wasn’t a part of these two groups. For over a year she had pictured going to prom with Gage and no one else would do.

Who Could Replace Gage?

Meanwhile, Skylar kept on thinking of a way that she could do good by Gage at her senior prom. Maybe there was someone that she could take to prom that would do him justice. Someone that they both loved and trusted. Skylar was determined and kept going through the faces the two of them knew hoping that someone would come up.


The Baby Marine Uniform

One day while scanning the web, Skylar came across a marine uniform designed exclusively for babies. It melted her heart upon looking at it, not only because the baby was adorable, but because it reminded her of Gage. She showed her grandmother the costume who said it’d be a perfect idea to take some pictures of Clay, Gage’s two-year-old brother in the uniform and then send them to Gage. It would be the perfect way to cheer him up while in combat training.


Her Search For The Perfect Prom Date

They ordered the costume and patiently waited to give Gage the surprise of a lifetime. All the while, Skylar was still trying to figure out what to do about prom. She was very much on edge concerning the issue. Sometimes she felt like she’d be okay with going and just hanging out with friends, other times she’d feel like not going at all. She never would she have guessed it, but her search for the perfect prom date would soon come to an end.


Skylar Had To Make A Big Decision

As prom night closed in, Skylar’s options were dwindling down as people were taking refuge in plans they had made and weren’t very open to the idea of quick changes. Tickets had been bought, hotels were booked, restaurant reservations were made and limo packages had already been signed and paid for. At this point, time was of the essence and Skylar had to make some big decisions quickly.


Skylar Felt Determined to Make Prom Happen

Skylar couldn’t avoid the urgency and had to settle on some plans now. Time was no longer waiting for anyone. She had been uncertain about her prom plans for months now, but she knew one thing for certain and that’s that she didn’t want to end up spending prom night at home alone while the majority of her peers were out having the night of their lives.

She Would Go to Her Prom

Even if she couldn’t be with Gage on that fateful night, Skylar owed it to herself to go out and have a great time. Every Friday adults would go out and own the town, but not on prom night. Prom night was the one night where high school kids ruled and took to the town. They were the ones cruising in limos down the biggest streets and they were the ones dictating where the biggest parties were. She had to be part of it.

The City Belonged To Teens On Prom Night

The prom spirit had begun hitting Skylar in a whole new way and suddenly despite her outcome, she was feeling pretty hyped for the night. This wasn’t just a celebration of two people loving each other, no, it was the last high school party. In essence, the last party one would have as a teenager. Whether she knew it or not, Skylar was entering a new era in her life and prom represented the closing of her childhood.


Gage’s Two-Year-Old Brother Clayton Was The Perfect Replacement

It was in the days before prom that the baby marine custom arrived in the mail. Skylar rushed to dress Gage’s two-year-old brother Clayton like his old brother. He couldn’t have looked anymore adorable. While feasting her eyes on the toddler, a plan sparked in her mind that Clayton would make the perfect prom date for her.


Skylar: “I Did This For My Loving Boyfriend Who Misses His Family”

Only one man would be fit to truly take Gage’s place and that would be his little brother. During an interview with People, Skylar explained that she wasn’t just doing this for herself when she stated, “I did this for my loving boyfriend who misses his family that he’s been away from for the past six months. That’s all I care about. He is missing his little brother grow up. The least I can do is something like this for him, for the sacrifice he is making.”

Clayton and Skylar Couldn’t Have Been Happier

Clayton was ecstatic to be in the uniform. Both families were present at Skylar and Clayton’s prom night photo shoot and everyone there was immediately struck emotionally by seeing the child in the uniform. It wasn’t only a touch tribute to the man who couldn’t make his beloved girlfriend’s prom, but it also captured how much Skylar truly was in love with Clayton.

The Cutest Prom Date In History

She went on to describe the toddler as the perfect stand-in for her boyfriend. The sweet child went on hopping and jumping around saying things like “cheese” and “Bubba is on a submarine”. He was completely unaware that he was dressed like a marine and went about making everyone in his path laugh.

The Day Was Special For Everyone

That said, little Clayton was still a few years shy of being able to handle a senior high school prom. But like everyone else, he loved every minute of the photoshoot. What could have been a massive disappointment turned out to be a beautiful day. Skylar went on and had a pretty good prom night with friends and despite Gage’s absence still felt like the night was pretty special for her.

It Was A Memorable Prom For Everyone

When Gage got his hands on the pictures of Skylar and his little brother, he was touched to tears. He said that the taste of home he got while looking at those pictures brought him a feeling he’d forever cherish. Ptv. Gage Moak told reporters at WFLA, “I miss them and my family more than words can describe. Seeing their smiles motivate me more than anything.” The two couldn’t be happier for how things worked out in the end.