You’ll Laugh At These Funny Prom Photos


Prom is a special time in every young person’s life. For many high school students, it’s the culmination of their entire life up to that point as they move on towards adulthood. Whether you go with that special someone, by yourself, or with friends, you’re bound to remember your prom night. Of course, some of the people in these hilarious prom photos probably wish they couldn’t remember certain things! Keep reading to check out some of the funniest prom photos ever.

Red Alert

It’s pretty clear that the look that this edgy couple was going for did not turn out the same in reality as it did when they pictured it in their heads. Instead, he looks like the greasiest fake devil ever, while she looks like someone who’s way too pasty white to be hanging out in a place where everything’s on fire all the time. It all adds up to one big, head-scratching fail.

Why So Serious?

This one is a bit hard to understand. The girls are dressed very nicely and seem to have taken the time to get their hair and makeup perfect, yet they decided they want to pose with chickens? Not only that, but they don’t seem to be doing it as a joke…their faces are completely serious! Aren’t they worried about the chickens clawing their dresses, or even worse, deciding they have to go to the bathroom?

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

No, that’s not Annie Lennox getting ready for prom with a blonde-mulleted Lionel Richie. It’s just a pair of kids who made a laundry list of really bad fashion decisions on their way to a 1980s-era prom. The girl’s hair is questionable, but most of the problems here have to do with him. Why the hair? Just…why? And is he wearing a studded collar as a bow tie? Hopefully all of the bad choices that these two made that night are contained within this photo.

Out Of The Basement

Look at the three people on the right here and you’ll see a nice enough, if slightly eccentric, group of kids. But what’s up with the vampire on the far left? Did he get lost on the way to The Cure concert? The hair wasn’t enough, so he had to accentuate it with a Lincoln-era top hat? And I’m not saying he had to go to the tanning booth before prom, but he looks like he hasn’t seen the sun in ages.

Prom Wars

Believe it or not, this photo was not taken at a science fiction convention or a Star Wars event. No, this was from somebody’s prom. That’s right; these two thought it’d be great to dress up as Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala for prom. he even brought a toy lightsaber! For him, this wasn’t a big deal. He just threw on a robe. But look at her! Her outfit and makeup probably took more effort than any other girl’s at the prom!

Are You In There?

I suppose we should just be happy that these two finished their respective hair care routines in time to get to the prom. But you have to wonder whether there’s actually a face underneath all the blonde hair on the girl in this photo. Presumably, there is. And then there’s the guy, who for some reason really doesn’t want anyone to see the left side of his face. I guess it’s his bad side?

Whole Lotta Hair

Matching outfits are great and all, but the way to really show that you love your significant other is matching haircuts. These two have the right idea. Sure, it’s slightly alarming that they could pass for sisters if he wasn’t wearing a tux, but you have to hand it to them: they look happy, at least!

Deer In The Headlights

What’s the first thing you notice in this photo? Is it that they’re both wearing way too much white for an event that’s definitely not a wedding? Is it the fact that he just had to break up the white theme with his favorite black boots? What about the fact that they have nearly identical hair? Well, after you notice all that, check out their facial expressions. Have there ever been two people who were less excited about taking a photo? Probably not.

Hindsight Is 20/20

Sure, it’s easy to look back at this couple from the 1980s now and see how silly they look, but these two were probably among the most popular kids in their whole school at the time. We just have to hope that he abandoned his “lead singer of a new wave cover band” hair and she stopped fluffing her coif up to be twice the size of her head at some point.

Bad Boys

One thing that never goes out of style is taking yourself way too seriously. If anybody knows that, these guys know that. Notice how none of them are smiling? Check out the guy on the right! He’s even wearing his favorite shades. Who cares that they’re trying to look tough while holding onto a railing covered in fake clouds for balance. These guys don’t even need dates to be the coolest guys around. Just ask them! They’ll tell you.

A Little Creepy

What in the Uncle Rico is going on in this photo? She looks about five years too young to be at the prom and he looks about 15 years too old to be there. And yet here they are, smiling happily as if the police aren’t already en route to arrest him. They say “age ain’t nothing but a number,” but uh, yeah it is. If you’re 13 and he’s 35, yeah…it’s kind of a big deal.

No More Pictures

Photos like this are the best because you get to try to piece together the backstory behind them. Does he look that way because he got conned into going to the prom with her or because he’s already been through 1,000 prom photos and he’s just ready to be done? In any case, she looks like she has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, even if her date is a narcoleptic who literally fell asleep during prom photos.

Saturday Night Fever

These two are every bit into the 1970s, aren’t they? You have to dig the fact that she went with a pantsuit, since it’s probably way more comfortable than a dress. But why did they sew together their suits from the upholstery of a couple of old couches? And why is she wearing the ribbon she got from showing off her prize cow at the county fair the summer before? Let’s not even talk about the weird mushroom decor here.

A Little Lonely

Here’s a photo of what appears to be a young Weird Al Yankovic going stag to the prom. Okay, okay…it’s not Weird Al, because Weird Al has never looked this dorky. You have to feel bad for this guy, though. He doesn’t look very comfortable having his photo taken, and where the heck is his date? Did she dive into the bushes to avoid being seen with him? Poor guy.

Just Like Royalty

Most people don’t take the prom theme all that seriously. Who can even remember what the theme was years later? These two are the exception to the rule. She must have told him, “If it’s going to be a castle-themed prom, I’m going to be a Victorian princess and that’s that!” But hey, he seems to be okay with the whole thing. He’s even got a bit of a Prince Charles thing going on with the smugness and all.

Worse Than The Prequels

Star Wars has had some rough times along with all of the big box office triumphs. There were the prequels, Jar-Jar, the old Christmas Special…and then there’s this guy. Is he trying to hide his identity or is he really that into Star Wars that he can’t set aside his nerd-dom for five minutes to take a few photos?

A Little Awkward

Earlier we talked about how boys of a certain age tend to be rather hormonal, but that’s not all. They also tend to be extremely awkward. For Exhibit A, check out this photo. Not only is the guy blushing like crazy, but when he posed for the photo he somehow decided that it’d be a good idea to hold hands and also go for an awkward handshake with his date?

There’s Snow Time Like Prom

We’ve seen it all when it comes to prom photos. Llamas, chickens, matching mullets…but this, this is really strange. These two decided to pose on a snowmobile, complete with fake snow and all! I get that he probably really, really enjoys snowmobiling, but for one night in your life, can’t you just not be the Snowmobile Guy? Come on, Stan.

At Least They’re Not Jean Shorts

If this photo was cropped at the waist, it would be a very nice photo of a young couple. Instead, we see that this guy couldn’t go one full day wearing pants, even to the prom. Yes, shorts are comfortable, but there’s a time and place to wear pants, and prom is certainly one of those times. I guess she doesn’t mind it, but you’d better believe his kids will be making fun of him one day for this fashion faux-pas.


Okay, let’s get it out of the way: wearing superhero costumes for your prom pictures is pretty dorky. Still, look at their faces! (Well, the ones that you can see, anyway.) They’re so happy that it’s not really fair to judge them. Good for these guys for finding dates that understand their sense of humor and know how to have a fun time.

All Wet

“Hey, won’t it be hilarious if we pretend we’re going to jump in the pool in our prom dresses?” No, not really. And let’s be honest, here…in two of the three cases, it wouldn’t be that bad of a thing. The girl on the right is dressed to be a Disney princess and the one on the left must have had a funeral to attend earlier in the day.

Hot For Teacher

Well, this guy has done what every typical young man always dreamed of doing…he asked his teacher out to prom and apparently, she accepted! In all seriousness, even if she didn’t look like she’s in her 30s, her choice of dress would seal the deal. It looks more like something you’d wear to work at the high school library than something you’d wear to attend the high school prom.

Uncanny Valley

What we have here appears to be your general high school girl on a prom date with an androgynous cyborg. There’s no other way to explain it. Even if you get past the fashion choices (are those motorcycle gloves and work boots?), you have to ask what’s with the facial expressions here? I’m not sure I even want to know what the deal is with these two.

Here Comes Trouble

Back in the 1980s, this is the kind of guy that thought he was a rebel. I mean, I suppose he was, if wearing a pair of studded belts and frosting the top of your mullet passes as being rebellious. She looks completely in love with this guy, even if he does have the world’s ugliest tattoo and takes himself far too seriously.

Hey, Where’s Chet?

These two are all dressed up and ready to head to the prom, but they can’t seem to find their buddy, who decided it’d be way better to skip the prom and photobomb them from the bushes, instead. It’s a funny gag, but don’t you think it was more fun to go to the prom than to hide in the bushes and then go sit at home?

Perms Galore

Everybody always thinks about mullets when they think of the 1980s, but when they do that, they forget all about the power of the perm. Look at this group! Five of the eight of them have a perm, and the guy with the red bow tie, he realized he didn’t have to choose between a perm and a mullet: he just did both. One thing you see here that was never in style, though, was the wispy non-mustache that Guy #3 is trying to make happen. Just shave it, dude.

Close Family

One of the things that’s awkward about dating in high school is that when you meet your girlfriend’s family, you kinda have to do whatever they suggest if you want to make a good impression. Well, this guy clearly got the memo because he is not only going along with this rather dorky photo opp, but he’s really hamming it up with a big smile and all!

Defying Gravity

Sure, these hairstyles haven’t been cool since the late 1980s (if they ever were), but you have to at least be impressed by the way their hair defies the laws of gravity. How much hairspray was sacrificed to make this photo happen? If they hadn’t used so much Aqua Net, this would be a perfectly nice prom photo after all these years!

Not Excited

One thing that you learn when you’re just a toddler is that everyone can tell when you fake a smile. That’s why your parents make you retake a dozen photos with your siblings before you can open your presents on Christmas or go off to the first day of school. Well, this girl isn’t pretending anymore. She was asked to smile for this photo, but she’s so tired of her annoying braces that all she could muster was a grimace.

Blink Twice If You Need Help

There are funny prom photos, and then there’s whatever this is. It’s hard to laugh at her silly green dress or his ridiculous lion’s mane hairdo when she looks scared out of her mind to be with the guy. Was she being held captive by this short 30-year-old man? Does she wish she could click her heels together like Judy Garland and be at home, far away from the aging rocker she accidentally went to prom with?

Fashion Crimes

If you just looked at these two from their necks down, this photo wouldn’t be memorable at all. But their hair! What is with their hair? It looks like they were kind of going for the same look, honestly. You have to wonder what their parents thought of it. They were probably excited that their kids were getting all dressed up for prom and holding out hope that for one night, they’d look relatively normal, but nope!

Big Hair, Small Head

There’s big hair, and then there’s this girl’s hair. Her hair is so big that her face is nearly lost in this photo. She looks like she’s hiding in the world’s frizziest bush and just peeking her face out of it a little bit. How long do you think it took her to do her hair like that, too? Does she even need a pillow at night, or does her hair suffice?

That’s A Bit Fishy

“Excuse me…young man? Fish aren’t allowed at the prom. You have to bring a human date. What’s that? She’s wearing a dress? Oh, I guess she is! I suppose she must be a girl then…go ahead and enter and don’t forget to get your picture taken!” Yep, this guy was totally fooling everybody. So strange that he didn’t find an actual date, though! Hmmm.

Candy Man

Why in the world did this guy show up to the prom looking like the world’s largest candy cane? You know, it’s possible to take the whole “matching outfits” thing a little too far. His awful suit and her Wild West-era saloon worker dress are so distracting that it’s impossible to even really appreciate his mullet and the fact that her face is four shades paler than the rest of her.

Stairway To Never

The theme of this prom was “Love Me For Life,” but with those huge glasses and the fact that she’s wearing an old lady’s polka-dotted Sunday outfit, it looks like they’re already middle-aged. And is it just me, or does he bear more than a passing resemblance to Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame?

Chess Club Champ Goes To Prom

You have to assume that somebody either won or lost a bet for these two to end up together at prom. He looks like a member of the school’s chess club, and she looks like the party girl that used to sneak out of the house to go to parties. They look happy, though. Maybe there’s something going on here we don’t know about? Perhaps underneath his nerdy exterior there’s a party animal?

Welcome To The Jungle

Some guys look like future insurance salesmen even when they’re at the high school prom. Look at this guy, for example! He has a smile that just says, “Hey, I’m Bill and I’d like to help you plan for the future with the coverage you need!” As for her, what’s up with the polka dot dress? It looks more like a little girl’s bedspread than a dress you’d wear to a “Jungle Love”-themed prom!

Caught You

Teenage boys are known to be distracted rather easily, but come on, you have to be on your best behavior during picture time! Otherwise, you end up with a photo like this one, where you’re caught red-handed by a photographer that hopefully wasn’t your date’s dad. At least we know he’s excited about the prom, though!

Hands Off The Lady

If there’s one prom stereotype that won’t go away, it’s about young people with out of control hormones looking to uh, sow their wild oats. Even knowing that, though, this pose and her exposed garter is a little too much, right? Can’t you at least pretend that you’re going to be on your best behavior? Your parents will see those pictures!

Perfect Timing

There are well-timed photos, and then there’s…this. Again, you have all night to stare like you have no self-control whatsoever, but when there’s a camera out? You should probably keep that in check. Then again, maybe the angle is just a little weird and he’s actually looking behind him…no. On second thought, he’s totally staring.

A Little Too Comfortable

Everyone knows that with prom comes the reality of public displays of affection. After all, when you get young couples who are crazy about each other all dressed up for a dance near the end of their high school years, the emotions run high. But this gentleman may have taken it a bit too far. Certainly, you don’t want grandma seeing this photo, right?

Bad Intentions

Most of the time, a photobomb is a pretty humorous thing where someone in the background makes a silly face and everyone laughs later. In this case, though, the young man in the background looks seriously mad. Is he just tired of waiting for the girls to get done with their photos? Is his suit really uncomfortable? I guess we may never know why he’s scowling like that, but it makes for a hilarious photo.

Leave The Llama Out

Fancy dress? Check. Nice shoes? Check. Awkward dates? Double-check. Llama? Check…wait, llama? Why do you need a llama in your prom photos? This seems to be the same question that the gentleman on the right is asking himself, judging by his extremely fake smile. But hey, it’s not the worst thing a person has ever gone through to keep a date happy.