The Funniest Fishing Photos Ever Caught


She’s A Catch

When you go fishing, one might expect to catch fish. However, this guy hit the jackpot and caught himself a girlfriend. Of course, that is not actually true. But, he is fortunate to have found a woman who not only goes fishing with him but also has a great sense of humor. This looks like a match made in heaven!

Tug O’ War

When you are fishing recreationally, you most likely don’t expect to catch large fish. Although this guy looks like an avid fisherman, he clearly was not ready for a fight. However, he did not give up. Even though he was drug through the sand, he remained steadfast with his rod. Hopefully, he was successful.

Flash Flood Fishing

Flash floods can be very dangerous. They happen without warning, and people are, therefore, rarely prepared for its damage. Despite the danger, this guy took advantage of the floods. He pulled out a comfy lawn chair and his rod. It is not often when one gets to fish in the middle of the street, so the opportunity must be seized.

Lobster Trap

Meet Darcie Arahill. Darcie is famous on social media for not only being beautiful but being an expert fisherman. She has been fishing and lobstering since she was three years old. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that she has a way with the marine animals. Most people certainly would not be able to handle this many lobsters so close to their face.

That’s One Clever Fish

If you are a frequent fisher, you may know the tricks of fishing. If you plan on spending a full day on the water one of those tricks may be to create a holder for your rod (especially if you do not expect a lot of bites). These two fishermen did just that. However, they were outsmarted by the fish who just decided to swim underneath their poles.

What Sign?

In many parts of the world, there are restrictions on where a person can fish. Take this bridge for example. There is a sign in a very visible spot that says “No fishing from bridge.” Unfortunately, for whatever reason, these men saw the sign as just a suggestion. There must be some good fishing from this bridge; otherwise, they most likely wouldn’t be there.

Nothing But Net

There are several tools one can use when going fishing. Other than a rod, a net is the most popular way to catch fish. However, this person is taking the idea of a net to the extreme. Not only did he feel the need to use a net to catch the fish, but also is wearing one on his head. Maybe it brings him good luck?

Fishy Face

We know this is not a picture of fishing per say. However, it was too perfect of a picture not to include. This swimmer and his friend were exploring what is underneath the surface of the water and encountered a large group of fish. What the swimmer’s friend captured is just the most perfectly timed photo ever taken with a fish.

Great Views

When there is a nice spot to fish, it doesn’t remain a secret for long. When a man or woman finds a good spot, he or she should try to keep it a secret. When you tell one person, soon after, it seems like the whole world knows about the spot. However, when looking at this picture, we wonder if it is the fish that are attracting the fishermen or something else?

When You Drop Your Favorite Lure

Spending a day out on the lake fishing is many people’s favorite pastime. However, your day can be ruined with one mistake – dropping your favorite lure in the water. We have all been there and most of the time when its dropped you just let it go. However, this was not an option for this guy, and he went in after it. Luckily, his buddy was there to help.

A Rocky Trip

When going out into open water on a boat, one must always be careful. If you are inexperienced, it is advised that you bring someone who is an expert of the water along. If you don’t, you might regret it. This man looks like he regrets it. Although he may be a seasoned fisher, he certainly underestimated the strength of the water and ended up in a rocky situation.

Sweet Dreams

Everyone knows the feeling of being super excited to go on vacation. It is hard to sleep the night before as your anxious excitement takes over your mind. This guy is clearly dreaming of his next fishing trip. So much so, that he decided to sleep with his poles. Hopefully, he does not have a wife or girlfriend that normally occupies that spot.

Fish Flops

Do you love fishing? Do you love fish? Than these flip-flops are for you. Not only would they be great for a day out on the water, but they also can freak out your wife and daughter when you leave them around the house. The detailing is so perfect that these flip-flops almost look like real fish. Just be careful not to accidentally throw them back in the water when you are fishing.

Pothole Fishing

When there is intense rain or even a small amount of flooding, big puddles are created. It is even possible that fish can become trapped in those puddles. Unfortunately, we believe this is not one of those instances. However, we give the guy an “A” for effort. Hopefully, he at least enjoyed his time fishing in the pothole. (At least it will make for a funny story.)

Baby On Board

Picture this: You and wife have planned for a perfect weekend away. You plan to spend most of your time on the water fishing. Then, surprise! Your babysitter cancels last minute. What do you do now? Clearly, you do not cancel your trip. You make it work. The answer is in this picture. Just bring a crib on board the boat. Even though it may not be the romantic getaway you planned, it is still a perfect family outing.

Same Teeth

Fish are strange and bizarre creatures. There are nearly 28,000 different species of fish. Each one has its own unique characteristics and distinct traits. This fish certainly fits the bill of unique, specifically when it comes to its teeth. Not only are the teeth unique to the fish, but the fish happened to be caught by a man who has the same exact teeth. What a coincidence?!

No Fishing, No Problem

Often times signs are put up in order to give instructions on what not to do. For example, that this sign that says “No fishing or diving from bridge.” In this case, we feel the sign is a little bit of an overkill. Hopefully, no one tries to dive or fish from a bridge that isn’t even over water. However, who knows? Some people are just crazy.

Fishing Is For All Ages

When you grow up fishing, the sport becomes a part of you. The love for the sport becomes ingrained in your soul. Therefore, no matter your age, you always yearn for the water. This picture certainly proves that point. This senior man needs a walker in order to get around. But, that certainly has not stopped him from enjoying his favorite activity.

“I Do” Love Fishing

A person’s wedding day is normally full of different things such as flowers, food, dancing, and, of course, love. Therefore, if love is included why would you exclude your first true love – fishing? This bride has the right idea. Soon after she said her “I dos,” she headed straight to the ocean. Hopefully, she caught some big ones to serve her guests at the reception.

Lazy Days

Some days all you want to do is go out on the lake, fish with your friends, and enjoy a nice cold beer. However, sometimes sitting on the hard metal or plastic that makeup boat seats are extremely uncomfortable. These men found a way to fix that. Lazy boy chairs are simply the best. Why not take that comfort from your living room onto your fishing boat?

Which One Is It?

At first glance at this picture, this bridge looks like the perfect spot to go fishing. Not only does it look relaxing but the bridge is actually called “Fishing Bridge.” However, do not let the name fool you are not allowed to fish on the fishing bridge. Why would ever name a something a “fishing bridge,” if you can not fish on it? We are creating a petition to change the name, who wants to sign?

Perfect Floaty

Fly fishing has become one of the most popular ways to catch fish for enjoyment. Yo truly have to “become one” with the water in order to be successful. This means actually submerging at least the bottom half of your body in the water. However, this man had some other ideas. Why stand in the water when you can float in the water on an awesome blow-up giraffe?

Fishing Solves Everything

Fishing can be enjoyed both on the shoreline and on a boat. However, if you are an avid fisher, who typically enjoys deep sea fishing, a boat is a necessity. Furthermore, if you are buying a boat for fishing why not give it a clever name? This captain named his boat “Reel therapy.” It is the perfect name for a fishing boat.

Crane Catch

Fishing is all about finding the right spot. A person may have perfect technique and great gear. But, if a person picks a spot with no fish, he or she is clearly not going to catch any fish. A fisher may do whatever it takes to find that perfect spot. These guys took it to the extreme. They somehow had access to a crane and decided the higher ground was the best spot that day.

Cat Calling

Commercial fisherman across the country usually use the same technique to catch large amounts of fish at once. This is usually done with a net, and then the fish are stored in containers and brought to shore. These two fishermen are greeted by their favorite customers when they return for a trip. They must feed these cats often as clearly the whole neighborhood as heard about them.

Boat For One

We have already seen one great idea of bringing a lazy boy chair on the boat. But, what if you are much more limited in your options. This guy found a way to create the perfect boat for one person. It even has a motor attached so he can get to the perfect place to stop and enjoy his surroundings. He should probably patent this before others copy.

You’re Doing It Wrong

If you are lucky enough to own a boat, you understand that towing it from place to place can be a hassle. Luckily, there are loading docks in order to help lower your boat in the water. Although it seems like common sense that the boat should be the first one in the water, it looks like somehow someone didn’t realize this. That car is certainly going to be unusable once it is pulled from the water.

Floods Won’t Stop Me

Does life get any better than this? This man is not only enjoying a cold one in his yard in a pool but, he is also lucky enough to fish from inside that pool. Unluckily, this means that his yard has flooded. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that anything inside his home was damaged. He seems happy, so we are not too worried.

Must Need Gills

Once again another sign that tells you not to do something. Luckily, this sign doesn’t completely stop you from fishing at this wonderful pond. However, swimming is only allowed “if you have fins and gills or feathers.” Furthermore, the sign instructs dogs to “keep your masters on leash at all times.”

Couple’s Retreat

Finding your soul mate is a magical thing. Unfortunately, sometimes those we love are not always perfect. Sometimes your partner may be a little messy or may not cook well, or even worse, may not like to fish! If you happen to fall in love with someone like this, don’t fret. You can still make it work, as you can tell from this photo. She might be on her phone and wearing heels, but she is still there to support her hubby.


Flying Fisherman

Fishing take finesse and technique. It is a learned art that has been passed down through the ages. This man, although he looks elegant, is forgetting some of the major steps. The most obvious step he forgot was you are only supposed to follow through with your arms on the cast. You are not supposed to jump into the water with your line. Hopefully, he didn’t have his phone in his pocket.

Reel Roll

When you love fishing, you often times like to bring your love into your home. You may wear a t-shirt to proudly display your passion, put up a funny sign that explains your obsession, or you may put up some fishing decor. This may be one of the best toilet paper dispensers we have ever seen!

Watch Your Head

Many may say that the most difficult part of fishing is reeling in the fish and getting it on board the boat. This is an especially hard task if the fish is nearly the same size as you. This fisherman tried to bring in his enormously large catch by himself. Unfortunately, the fish had no plans of being caught that day. The fish used its powerful back fin and smacked the fisher in the head.

Broken Board

We have already discussed how fishers will go to great length to find the perfect spot to cast. For some reason, this man thought a wooden board hanging from a dock was the best spot. However, his decision backfired. Although he may have gotten a few feet farther from the dock, we think he immediately regretted his decision once the board split and he fell into the water.

Fish Ruler

Often times, people are fishing for competition or enjoyment, rather than for food. In many of these cases, fishers like to keep track of the size of their catches of the day. It may be a friendly competition between family or even for a prize, either way; it is nice to know your stats. However, sometimes a ruler to measure your catches can’t be found. But, don’t worry, this guy has it all figured out. He brings a ruler with him wherever he goes.

Sustainable Lure

Fishing Lures are used to attract the attention of fish. Often times with colors and shapes, a lure helps bring the fish closer to the rod and hopefully go for the bait. However, sometimes you may have forgotten a lure or just didn’t feel like spending the money. One man got creative and was able to turn a simple object (that he probably had with him on his boat) into a lure. Recycling at its best!

You’re Doing It Wrong

Using a bait caster reel can be very tricky. It requires lots of practice to understand how to manipulate the line. If you do not use the right amount of pressure on the spool, you can end up with backlash. The backlash creates a bird’s nest with the line and overall just a mess. Don’t make this man’s mistake and make sure you ask for instructions before jumping into a more professional one like this.

Rod Stand-In

When spending a long day out on the dock, you may want to sit down and just enjoy the views. Any avid fisher will tell you, for these situations, you need a rod stand. A rod stand holds your rod for you and allows you to relax. But, what happens if you have too many rods and not enough stands. You make your buddy act as the rod stand, of course!

Sandwich Station

Fishing is normally an activity that takes up hours at a time. Therefore, one definitely gets hungry throughout the day. However, if you are fly fishing, you normally can not bring your food with you into the water. However, this man found a solution. He put a tray table on top of a floatation device. It is the perfect area to stop and make himself a snack easily.