Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs Or Had Interesting Side Projects


Believe it or not, celebrities may be more famous than the rest of us, but otherwise, they’re just regular people. Most celebrities had regular, run of the mill jobs before they became stars, and some even return to such jobs after their days in front of the camera or on stage are over. Here are some celebs who have worked normal jobs.

Josh Saviano, Attorney

Josh Saviano is better known as the lovably dorky character Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years. On the show, Paul was the best friend of lead character Kevin Arnold, and the two had all sorts of wacky adventures together. After the show concluded, Saviano eventually went to Yale University and then got his law degree. He is now an attorney living in New York City.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Frankie Muniz, Race Car Driver

The one-time star of Malcolm in the Middle still lives life in the fast lane, but not as an actor. Instead, he gets behind the wheel of a race car and competes on behalf of Jensen Motorsport. His other part-time gig is also the result of what was once just a hobby: he’s a drummer for a band called Kingsfoil.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Jon Gosselin, Line Cook

After audiences grew tired of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Jon Gosselin’s marriage to wife Kate dissolved, he seemed to go through a period of finding himself. Like all kinds of men going through a mid-life crisis, he started doing DJing and other age-inappropriate jobs. Meanwhile, he took a part-time job at a TGI Friday’s restaurant as a line cook, though he said he only did so as a favor for a friend.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Taran Noah Smith, Business Owner

As one of the kids on the hit sitcom Home Improvement, Taran Noah Smith was a bona fide child star before he decided to get out of acting completely. He made waves when he married at just 17 years of age to a 33-year-old woman, which allowed him to get access to his trust fund a little bit earlier than expected. He used the proceeds to start up Cheezy Cheeze, a non-dairy manufacturing company.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Brittany Ashton Holmes, Barista

Although Brittany Ashton Holmes had a starring role under her belt before she was even in junior high school, the former The Little Rascals star decided to get an education after playing the role of Darla. She took a job as a Starbucks barista while getting her four-year political science degree. We’re sure all of the coffee came in handy during late-night study sessions!

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Chris Owen, Waiter

Can you imagine sitting down at a restaurant and seeing The Sherminator from American Pie approach to take your order? Yes, Chris Owen has begun working as a waiter, but fear not! He hasn’t abandoned his acting career. Like many actors and actresses, he merely works the second job to make ends meet between acting jobs.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Vanilla Ice, Real Estate Mogul

If you were asked to list a number of things that former pop-rap icon Vanilla Ice is passionate about, “real estate speculation” probably wouldn’t come to mind. However, Vanilla Ice has really taken to the world of real estate, even getting his own TV show dedicated to the art of flipping properties for a nice profit.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Bo Derek, Pet Product Seller

Bo Derek is mostly remembered for her role in 10, where she donned braids and a flesh-colored bikini to get the hearts of young men everywhere racing. She has since moved on from stardom and is focused on being an entrepreneur. She founded Bo Derek Pet Care, a company that sells shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and other products for dogs.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Linda Kozlowski, CEO of Tour Company

Linda left the acting business not long after appearing on Crocodile Dundee. In 2014 Kozlowski separated from Paul Hogan and struck up a relationship with Moulay Hafid Baba, a tour specialist from Morocco. Together they have founded Dream My Destiny, a tour company that provides memorable travel experiences around Morocco’s most acclaimed tourist destinations.

Kirk Cameron, Minister

It’s hard to believe that the kid who played trouble-making heartthrob Mike Seaver on Growing Pains would grow up to found his own ministry. At some point, once the popular TV show ended, Kirk gave himself to his faith, making numerous speaking appearances at religious gatherings and producing (as well as acting in) Christian film productions.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Michael Maronna, Electrician

Big Pete Wrigley from The Adventures of Pete and Pete is one of the many child stars who decided that ultimately, life in front of the camera isn’t what he wanted. However, he is not really out of show business – Michael is certified as an electrician, but he plies his trade on Hollywood show and movie sets, such as those of Sex and the City and Nurse Jackie.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Nikki Blonsky, Stylist

Sometimes life imitates art, and that’s certainly the case with Nikki Blonsky, who played Tracy Turnblad in the film version of Hairspray and now works as a stylist and make-up artist in New York. She still continues to take acting jobs, despite having her cosmetology license and making a comfortable living as a stylist.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Jeff Cohen, Attorney

Here’s another child actor-turned-attorney. Jeff Cohen did not seem like lawyer material when he was lifting his shirt and gyrating his belly to do the “truffle shuffle” in The Goonies. However, he retired from acting in 1991 and decided to use his brains to make a living instead of just his charisma. As Jeff puts it, puberty forced him into retirement.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Dylan Sprouse, Brewer

Dylan Sprouse got to pal around with Adam Sandler as one of the twins in Big Daddy, but he has ultimately decided that movie and TV stardom is not for him. Instead, he has become a certified master brewer and is currently the youngest person to take on that role in the U.S. His brother, Cole, is currently appearing on the show Riverdale.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Jonathan Bennett, Spin Instructor

This one-time heartthrob went from playing Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls to teaching spin classes at Flywheels, a gym in the Los Angeles area. While his acting career never really took off, he does have a number of celebrity clients, and he doesn’t seem to have completely written off his acting career by any means.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Peter Ostrum, Veterinarian

Who’s Peter Ostrum? Well, in the first film version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Peter played Charlie Bucket. However, movie stardom eluded him after the memorable role and he got out of the acting business. Fortunately, he was drawn to the world of veterinary science due to his love for animals. He now lives in upstate New York.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Steven Seagal, Deputy Sheriff

Alleged tough guy Steven Seagal may only be able to take on several attackers while unarmed in the movies, but he knows enough about police protocol in real life to have been made a deputy sheriff in rural New Mexico. Some people even watched Seagal try on his new role for size on a reality TV show that aired a couple of years ago.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Gary Coleman, Security Guard

Gary Coleman is about as unlikely a security guard as you can get, but then again, he was also an unlikely network television star. He was the headliner on the hit show Diff’rent Strokes, but did not find an abundance of roles awaiting him once the show ended. He wasn’t really a great security guard, as he once punched a woman in the face while on duty over an altercation regarding an autograph request.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Charlie Korsmo, Law Professor

Charlie Korsmo enjoyed his brief time of fame due to his role in Hook, the Peter Pan movie featuring Robin Williams. Afterward, Korsmo decided that acting was not the way he wanted to go, and he decided to pursue law instead. He attended Yale Law School and now works as an assistant professor of law.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Michael Schoeffling, Carpenter

Michael Schoeffling had a brief bout with stardom in the 1980s, when he landed the role of Molly Ringwald’s love interest in Sixteen Candles. However, Michael decided that he wasn’t that interested in acting, after all, choosing instead to settle down with his wife, a former model, in Virginia. Nowadays, Michael is a carpenter that specializes in custom furniture.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Mackenzie Rosman, Philanthropist

On the squeaky-clean family TV show 7th Heaven, Mackenzie Rosman played Ruthie Camden. After the show concluded, Rosman continues to act in various roles but has mostly dedicated her time to philanthropic efforts. She is the honorary national chairman for CureFinders, which is a group focused on finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, for example.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Rebecca Ritters, News Producer

Although she has remained out of the limelight for several years, you most likely still remember the adorable little girl named Hannah Martin from the TV series “Neighbours.” Martin was played by Rebecca Ritters, who has grown up. After taking a step back from acting, Ritters decided to get a degree in politics and international relations. Today, she uses her previous love of TV and her new passion for foreign affairs in her career as a news producer.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Ariana Richards, Artist

Ariana Richards is another child star whose performance has stood the test of time. Although there have been remakes since the original, “Jurrasic Park” remains a classic hit film. Ariana Richards played one of the two children who got stuck in the park when it was overtaken by dinosaurs. After appearing in “Jurrasic Park” and the sequel “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” Richards decided acting wasn’t for her. She went on to earn a fine arts degree from Skidmore College and became a professional artist.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Tony Danza, Teacher

Tony Danza is best remembered for his roles in productions such as “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss.” However, maybe he should be remembered for a different job: high school English teacher. A few years back, Danza decided to take on the role in a northeast Philadelphia high school. He taught 10th-grade English and was filmed. The footage was used for a reality TV series. Danza has said that teaching was “a very, very difficult situation to be in.”

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Mara Wilson, Author

Mara Wilson had several memorable roles as a young child. Many may best remember her for the title role of “Matilda,” while others may best remember her as Natalie Hillard in “Mrs. Doubtfire.” By the end of the 90s, Wilson largely left the Hollywood scene. Although she sporadically does acting work, she has recently concentrated on other creative ventures. She is a published author and is a contributing writer to several internet-based media outlets.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Business Owner

Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the most sought-after TV actresses in the 90s. After starring in the hit series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” she went on to star in films such as “The Grudge” and “The Return.” Although she stays active in Hollywood with voice acting, most of her time is dedicated to running her food-crafting company, Foodstirs. Her first cookbook was released in April 2017.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Andrea Barber, University Administration Employee

Although Kimmy Gibler on “Full House” was seen as not the brightest, the actress who played her, Andrea Barber is just the opposite. After portraying Kimmy in the original “Full House” series, Barber went on to receive her English degree from Whittier College and her Master of Arts in Women’s Studies. Before getting recast in the Netflix reboot, “Fuller House,” Barber worked as the assistant to the director of Whittier College’s Office of International Programs.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Maia Brewton, Attorney

Maia Brewton is best remembered for roles she played as a child in the late 80s and early 90s. Some of her most memorable roles include the Thor-obsessed child Sara Anderson in “Adventures of Babysitting,” and the annoying little sister, Shelly, on the TV series “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.” After “Parker Lewis,” Brewton left Hollywood for a normal life. She got her law degree from Yale University and became an attorney.

Celebs Who Work Regular Jobs Today

Jason Zimbler, Software Designer

The 90’s sitcom “Clarissa Explains It All,” starring Melissa Joan Hart, would not have been the same without Clarissa’s antagonistic little brother, Ferguson. Ferguson would always bloat about how he was the better and smarter child. Like the character he played, Jason Zimbler is also very intelligent. He studied at the University of Notre Dame and returned to Hollywood after graduation. However, he didn’t return as an actor, but as a software designer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.40.27 PM

Hank Aaron, Car Dealership Owner

Hank Aaron is one of the best baseball players to ever live. Along with just being an outstanding ballplayer, he is most known for breaking Babe Ruth’s home run record. Upon retiring from playing baseball, he went to work with the Atlanta Braves. However, he also decided to branch outside of baseball. He opened a BMW car dealership and allegedly gives out an autograph with every car sold.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.09.48 PM

Dylan and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit, Sound Tech & Firefighter

Dylan and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit portrayed the adorable twins of Nicky and Alex Katsopolis on the 90’s sitcom “Full House.” After “Full House” ended in the mid-90s, Dylan and Blake stayed out of the limelight. However, Dylan didn’t stray too far and is now a sound technician in Hollywood. He has worked on productions such as “Game of Thrones” and “Power.” Dylan has kept a very low profile and works as a firefighter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.55.30 PM

Kevin Jonas, App Creator

The pop band, The Jonas Brothers, rose to fame with hits such as “A Little Bit Longer” and “S.O.S.” Unfortunately, the 3 brothers grew up and began to grow apart and split in 2013. Each one wanted to focus their efforts in other areas. Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the brothers, decided to enter the hi-tech world. He developed the app Yood, which allows a user to input his or her location and get the phone numbers for the highest rated restaurants near him or her.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.30.28 PM

Jack Gleeson, Student

Jack Gleeson played the character every “Game of Thrones'” fan loved to hate. King Joffrey was an evil character, however, one that was pertinent to the plot. Many were happy to see his demise. King Joffrey was not Gleeson’s first role, as he had been acting since age 8. Therefore, after “Game of Thrones,” Gleeson decided to take a step back from acting to pursue more “normal” endeavors. Today, he is a student at Trinity University in Dublin.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.57.52 PM

Danny Lloyd, Biology Teacher

If you recognize the famous line “redrum” then you most likely remember this child star, Danny Lloyd. Lloyd’s most memorable role was as Danny in “The Shining.” Ironically, Danny has said that as a boy, he did not realize he was filming a horror movie. Today, he is no longer acting and works as a biology professor at a community college.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.19.17 PM

Leanna Creel, Production Company CEO

Lenna Creel rose to fame playing Tori on the 90’s sitcom “Saved by the Bell.” Unfortunately, her role on the sitcom didn’t shoot her into superstardom and she only added 4 more roles to her resume. However, she has found a different way to stay involved in Hollywood. She founded her own production company called Creel Studio. According to the company website, the business is as “is a full-service photography and video production company that specializes in food, travel and lifestyle content.”

Leana Creel

Cameron Diaz Is Taking A “Vacation”

Cameron Diaz is considered one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. However, with such fame, also comes little privacy. Therefore, she recently decided it was time for her time take a “vacation” from the spotlight. During a panel discussion in 2017, she said “I can’t really say who I am to myself. Which is a hard thing to face up to.” She is using the time off to “make herself whole.”


Kimora Lee Simmons, Philanthropist

Kimora Lee Simmons first made a name for herself as a fashion model in her teenage years. Later on, she would move into the world of business, starting the Baby Phat fashion company with then-husband Russell Simmons. Nowadays, she focuses on making the world a better place, serving as a board member of the non-profit Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Danica McKellar, Mathematician

If you watched The Wonder Years, you instantly recognize Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper, the love interest of lead character Kevin Arnold. While she was pretty much an average girl on the show, in real life she was an extremely smart girl who would get a mathematics degree from UCLA. She has even authored a mathematical theorem.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Julia Stiles, Activist

Julia Stiles has had an admirable career as an actress, starring in dozens of roles on the small screen as well as in movies. Stiles has not been content to simply appear in films such as O and shows such as Dexter, however. She also pursues a lot of charitable and philanthropic causes. She has worked with Habitat for Humanity and Amnesty International, among other groups.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Lucy Liu, Artist

Lucy Liu has succeeded in everything that she’s endeavored, from TV stardom to big screen successes. Most recently, she was seen on Elementary, a hit show on television. However, she has also pursued many other activities in recent years, most notably art. She is a gifted painter and often features her work in galleries and art shows.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Jim Carrey, Artist

Although Jim Carrey is known all over the world as one of the biggest comedic actors of all time, he has been much less active in his acting pursuits over recent years. Instead, he has decided to pursue a different way of expressing himself: art. Carrey now spends most of his time painting, with many celebrities expressing admiration for his work.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Fabio Lanzoni, Business Owner

Fabio Lanzoni once graced the cover of just about every romance novel ever written, but he has moved on from modeling to take bit parts in movies and start his own company, Healthy Planet Nutrition. His supplement company is billed as a healthy way for men and women alike to lead better, more balanced lives through the smart use of dietary supplements.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

McKayla Maroney, Musician

Although “musician” may not be your average job, struggling to gain a following on the pop music scene is surely a far cry from having the entire world watch you at the 2012 Summer Olympics. After her gymnastics career was over and McKayla Maroney’s unsatisfied expression on the podium had become a meme, she moved on and started a music career. She defines her sound as “vulnerable pop.”

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Cote De Pablo, Singer

Before she played Ziva in “NCIS,” Cote De Pablo was a student of Musical Theater. During her time earning her degree at Carnegie Mellon University, she appeared in various plays and musicals. Therefore, even though she strayed away from musicals, her love of song never left after beginning her on-screen acting career. She was featured singing on an episode of “NCIS” in 2008 (the full performance of the song was released in 2009). She departed from “NCIS,” in 2013. However, her love for music still did not waver and a few years later she was featured on the soundtrack for the film “The 33.”

Danielle Colby, Dance Studio Owner

If you’re like most television viewers, you know Danielle Colby from the reality TV show American Pickers. However, Colby previously worked as a burlesque dancer. It all started when she saw a burlesque performance that inspired her, and she ultimately started her own studio to instruct other dancers in the ways of burlesque.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Parker Schnabel, Hiker & Adventurer

Parker Schnabel is the youngest, successful gold miner in the United States. His finds are featured on the Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush.” However, Parker recently decided to tackle a different venture – The Klondike Gold Rush Trail. In the late 1800s, thousands attempted the trail in order to become pioneers in the gold rush. Unfortunately, many did not survive. Parker, along with a team of experts, tackled the trail in honor of those that did not make it.

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, Boxer

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison is one of the workers at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which is the focus of Pawn Stars, a popular reality show. What you may not know is that Harrison once weighed over 400 pounds. He underwent lap band surgery to help lose the weight, then began boxing 12 rounds several times per week in order to keep the weight off.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Duane “Dog” Chapman, Author, Author

Duane “Dog” Chapman has been catching fugitives and cashing in for decades. His exploits led to two tv shows, Dog The Bounty Hunter and the spinoff, Dog And Beth: On The Hunt. But Chapman is much more than a bounty hunter and tv star. Chapman has written two books, both bestsellers.

Frank Fritz, Motorcyclists’ Rights President

As one-half of the American Pickers duo, Frank Fritz travels around looking for great deals on vintage goods. In particular, Frank has always shown an interest in vintage motorcycles. Behind the scenes, Frank is passionate about motorcycles and has even taken the mantle of president for his local motorcyclists’ rights organization.

Celebrities Who Have Worked Normal Jobs

Elizabeth Berkley, Set A Helpline For Teenage Girls

After having a successful run as Jessie Spano on Saved By The Bell, Elizabeth Berkley followed her heart into the world of activism. In the late 1990’s she worked on a number of campaigns with groups like PETA. Although she still acted in a number of guest roles, her main focus has continued to be on helping others. She most recently set up Ask-Elizabeth, a helpline for teenage girls in need.