The Cast Of ‘Home And Away’: Then & Now


Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher) – Then

In 1986, Katie Ritchie made her on-screen debut in a TV mini-series. After appearing in the series, she took a two-year hiatus from acting. However, she returned in full force as Sally Fletcher in “Home and Away.” Sally Fletcher was the longest-running original female character in the series until she left in 2008. Ritchie reprised Sally in multiple episodes in 2013.


Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher) – Now

After “Home and Away” Kate Ritchie’s career faded. Despite appearing on several other productions during her time on “Home and Away,” such as “Stepfather of the Bride,” she did not receive very many roles after. However, she has kept herself busy outside of acting. In 2016, she published a children’s book and was named a brand ambassador for QV Skincare.


Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) – Then

Stephen Peacocke’s character, Darryl Brax, also known as Brax, first appeared on “Home and Away” in February 2011. Brax and his two brothers were known around town as the River Boys. Brax fell for a girl named Charlie Buckton. Unfortunately, Charlie saw an untimely demise. He began cage fighting to channel his grief. He last appeared on the show in June 2016.


Stephen Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) – Now

Brax remains one of Stephen Peacocke’s most memorable roles. However, he has done some other noteworthy work since leaving “Home and Away.” In 2016, he appeared alongside “Game of Thrones” star, Emilia Clarke, in “Me Before You.” That same year, he began portraying Josh Levine in the series “Wanted.” Sadly, for all the Brax fans hoping to see him return, Peacocke has said that is very unlikely.


Nic Testoni (Travis Nash) – Then

The golden, tan surfer boy, Travis Nash, was played by Nic Testoni from 1995-1999. However, Nic’s time in the sun was cut short when melanoma was discovered on his back. Despite have a successful removal surgery, he was forever changed. He spent a lot of time indoors and isolated himself. He eventually left Summer Bay with Rebecca and bought a home with her in Canada.


Nic Testoni (Travis Nash) – Now

Despite portraying a fascinating character, Nic Testoni only landed one more on-screen role after leaving “Home and Away.” That role was in 2001 in the series “BeastMaster.” However, that may have been under his own terms as he was interested in other aspects of the business. In an interview, he said, “I wanted to try other things and move behind the camera. I studied filmmaking in New York and returned to make a documentary on Aboriginal art for ABC TV.” Today, he works in sales as well as in radio.


Laura Vazquez (Sarah Thompson) – Then

The character of Sarah Thompson only appeared on “Home and Away,” for two years. However, like many other characters who only appeared for a short time, she also saw some dramatic events. She dealt with an angry, jealous boyfriend as well as suffered a traumatic asthma attack. Thompson, portrayed by Laura Vazquez originally left the series in October 1994 but returned for a few guest appearances in 1995 and 2005.


Laura Vazquez (Sarah Thompson) – Now

In between her sporadic appearances on “Home and Away,” Laura Vazquez landed roles on series such as “BeastMaster” and “All Saints.” Unfortunately, after 2005, she did not receive any other on-screen roles. However, she didn’t stray far from her roots and returned to “Home and Away,” but not as an actress but rather as a makeup artist. She also runs a successful beauty blog.


Tammin Sursok (Dani Sutherland) – Then

Like a few others on this list, Tammin Sursok made her professional acting debut on “Home and Away.” She began playing Danni Sutherland in 2000. Sutherland saw some extreme horrors during her time in Summer Bay. She was raped by Kane Phillips, who, out of anger and revenge she hit with a car. Despite their history, she was still sent to jail. After breaking off her engagement, she left Summer Bay in 2004.


Tammin Sursok (Dani Sutherland) – Now

Tammin Sursok’s resume continued to grow after leaving “Home and Away” and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. She has appeared in productions such as “Aquamarine,” “The Young and the Restless,” and “Hannah Montana.” For her performance on “The Young and the Restless,” she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. However, she is best known for her role as Jenna Marshall on the TV series “Pretty Little Liars.”


Beau Brady (Noah Lawson) – Then

Noah Lawson, played by Beau Brady, was introduced on “Home and Away” in 2000. Noah’s mother was the definition of crazy and used to try to ward off evil spirits with candles. Unfortunately, this concept literally backfired and the candles set up around Noah’s bed caught fire. She was sent away to an institution. However, his chaos wasn’t over, as he later got entangled with Sarah who shot him. He died from his wounds. However, he would haunt Hayley’s dreams after his death.

noah lawson

Beau Brady (Noah Lawson) – Now

Beau Brady’s most notable role remains Noah Lawson from “Home and Away,” despite playing a few other roles after leaving the series in 2004. Most recently, in 2017, he appeared as Warrick Blane in the series “We Were Tomorrow.” Aside from acting, Beau also works as a personal trainer.


Tempany Deckert (Selina Roberts) – Then

Tempany Deckert played Selina Roberts on “Home and Away.” Roberts, unfortunately, never fit in due to the promiscuous reputation she had developed. She struggled with many personal issues, including parents who would constantly fight. She fell in love with an older man, teacher Steven Matheson. They fell and love and were set to be married. But,  Roberts got cold feets and left him on their wedding day.


Tempany Deckert (Selina Roberts) – Now

Tempany Deckert landed a few on-screen roles after departing “Home and Away,” however, much of her acting success was seen on the stage. Along with stage acting, Tempany also became a writer and published several books:  The Green-Eyed Monster, Maddy’s Big Break, The Big FudgeFashion Police, and Radio Rebels. Her talent goes beyond the writing as she also acted as the illustrator for her books.


Chris Egan (Nick Smith) – Then

The character of Nick Smith was originally only supposed to be a guest role on “Home and Away,” for a short time in 1999. Smith was originally played by Matt Juarez. However, when producers decided to bring Smith back as a regular, the role was given to Chris Egan. Smith was on a competition reality series that he lost. However, he was loved by fans and offered his own reality series. The offer leads to his leave from Summer Bay in 2003.


Chris Egan (Nick Smith) – Now

Ironically, Chris Egan had lots of similarities to his character. Just like Smith, he also moved to Hollywood to pursue opportunities. He landed roles in hit series such as “Everwood” and “Empire.” He has also seen some action on the big screen with roles in films such as “Resident Evil: Extinction” and “Letter to Juliet.” His last role was as Alex Lannen on the series “Dominion,” in 2015.


Nicolle Dickson (Bobby Simpson) – Then

Nicolle Dickson was an original cast member of “Home and Away.” She played the last added family member of the Fletcher family, Bobby Simpson. Bobby was always searching for her place in society, which stemmed from her familial background. Sadly, once she found love, she slipped into a coma from a boating accident.  Greg decided to take her off of life support after a week, in 1993. She returned as an apparition in one episode in 1995.


Nicolle Dickson (Bobby Simpson) – Now

Since her leave from “Home and Away,” in 1995, Nicolle Dickson has sporadically added a few more acting credits to her resume. She appeared in productions such as “All Saints,” “G.P.,” “Wishbone,” and “Murder Call.” Her most recent on-screen role was not as an actress but as herself in 2006, on the reality series “Australian Celebrity Survivor.” She was voted out fourth. Today, she works as an accountant and bookkeeper.


Alex Papps (Frank Morgan) – Then

Frank Morgan was one of the five foster of the Fletcher family and the first character to ever appear on the show. Morgan, played by Alex Papps, was considered the series original heartthrob. Papps left the series to portray a role on “The Flying Doctors” in 1989. However, Papps returned several different times to “Home and Away” to reprise Frank Morgan.


Alex Papps (Frank Morgan) – Now

Today, Alex Papps is best known for hosting the children’s series “Play School.” Although the TV series is very successful, he aspires to one day return to more mature roles. He recently appeared on the series “Offspring,” which he hopes will jumpstart this transition. “I’m still on the audition trail and very committed to acting more,” Papps said. “I’d love to have the opportunity to explore a character (in a drama) beyond a guest role.”

alex papps

Jessica Tovey (Belle Taylor) – Then

Jessica Tovey played the role of Belle Taylor on “Home and Away” from 2006-2009. Belle arrived in Summer Bay searching for her biological mother. After realizing she had a knack for writing she earned a cadet role at the local paper. Sadly, Belle’s story took an unfortunate turn when she was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after marrying the love of her life, Aden, she lost her battle with cancer.


Jessica Tovey (Belle Taylor) – Now

Jessica Tovey was able to land many roles after leaving “Home and Away.” However, many of those roles were small and short-lived. She appeared on series such as “Underbelly,” “Cops LAC,” “Dance Academy” and “Mr and Mrs Murder.” Her most prominent role was as Mary in the 2013 drama, “Adore.” Although she continues searching for roles, she also concentrates much on her time on being an environmental activist.

Dieter Brummer (Shane Parrish) – Then

Dieter Brummer was only a teenager when he began portraying Shane Parrish on “Home and Away.” He began playing Parrish in May 1992 and left the series four years later in March 1996. It was Brummer’s decision to leave the series as he felt his character’s story had been told. On his leave from the show, Brummer said, “I know there’s life after ‘Home And Away’ and I’m not afraid of it. Now it’s time; it’s time to move on.”

shane parrish

Dieter Brummer (Shane Parrish) – Now

Dieter Brummer continued to see success on TV after leaving “Home and Away.” Along with appearing on soap operas “Neighbours” and “Winners & Losers,” Brummer also entered the reality TV circuit. In 2005, he appeared on “Celebrity Circus.” Brummer, unfortunately, has not landed a role since 2014 and a radio station reported in March 2017, that he was seen working as an employee for a “Dinner in the Sky” event.


Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed) – Then

Although today Isla Fisher is best known as the fiery redhead in comedic roles, from 1994-1997, she was known as the intense Shannon Reed on “Home and Away.” Reed dealt with controversial and impactful storylines such as anorexia and sexuality. Reed moved away from Summer Bay in 1997 in order to begin her life with Mandy in Paris. Fisher received 2 Logie award nominations for her portrayal of Reed.


Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed) – Now

“Home and Away” was a great starting point for Isla Fisher. However, the role would soon fade away from people’s minds as she has gone on to be a widely celebrated actress. Her breakthrough role came in 2002’s “Scooby Doo.” Since then, she has appeared in box office hits such as “Wedding Crashers,” “Now You See Me,” and “Nocturnal Animals.” She has been married to actor Sacha Baron Cohen since 2010.


Tristan Bancks (Tug O’Neale) – Then

Tristan Bancks’ character, Peter “Tug” O’Neale, was only supposed to be a guest character on “Home and Away.” However, Bancks was a stand-out performance and producers decided to elongate his character’s storyline. Tug was considered a villain in Summer Bay. However, despite the bad reputation, he was well-liked by audiences as he was relatable to viewers.


Tristan Bancks (Tug O’Neale) – Now

Tug was only supposed to be on “Home and Away” for a month. However, Bancks ended up playing the character for roughly two years. Bancks landed a few more roles after leaving the series in 1994. However, he has chosen a different aspect of Hollywood. He moved behind the camera to work as a director. Outside of TV and film production, he channels his creativity through writing.


Nicola Quilter (Donna Bishop) – Then

Donna Bishop only lived in Summer Bay for one year. However, her storyline was more intense than some of the longstanding characters in the series. Her most memorable storyline dealt with an abusive boyfriend. The actor who played Bishop, Nicole Quilter, also lived through some trouble off-screen. She recalls having a stalker. In an interview with, she said, “One guy said he was a child star, impersonating someone called Chris from an old TV show. He used to hang out with us all the time, spending money he didn’t have. He was quite sweet but entirely mad.”


Nicola Quilter (Donna Bishop) – Now

After “Home and Away,” Nicole Quilter appeared in TV series such as “Casualty” and short films “Privacy” and “Verity.” Like a few others on this list, she also decided to dabble in work behind the camera. She has worked as a producer on several short films. Outside of TV and film, she is the founder of a fashion label in London.


Matt Doran (Damian Roberts) – Then

Matt Doran’s first prominent TV role was as Damian Roberts on “Home and Away.” Damian had a troubled childhood with an alcoholic mother. Due to his lack of love as a child, he felt like he was always searching for something. However, his searches also always seemed to get him in trouble. The last straw for Damian was when he impregnated Selina and she, sadly, she miscarried. After the incident, Damian decided to become a priest.


Matt Doran (Damian Roberts) – Now

Luckily, for Matt Doran, his luck is a little better than his character’s. After leaving the series in 1996, he went on to land several roles in series such as “Love Is a Four-Letter Word,” “All Saints,” and “Doctor Doctor.” He has also seen success on the big screen with roles in hit films such as  “The Matrix,” “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones,” and “The Thin Red Line.”


Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers-Fisher) – Then

Emily Symons rose to fame playing Anne Costello on the short-lived series “Richmond Hill.” After the series ended, she was quickly cast by “Home and Away” producers, as Marilyn Chambers. Symons originally portrayed Marilyn from 1989-2001. However, she returned to the series in 2010 and currently remain on the show today.

Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers-Fisher) – Now

Emily Symons main project since 1989 has been “Home and Away.” However, during her nearly 10-year hiatus, she portrayed Louise Appleton on Emmerdale. Outside of acting, Emily enjoys being a mom. She gave birth to her son, Henry, in 2015.

Simon Baker (James Hudson) – Then

Simon Baker began his professional career in the late 80s. He landed his first recurring character on a TV series, James Hudson, in 1993.  Hudson was the photography teacher at Summer Bay High. He only appeared on 19 episodes of the series between 1993-1994. “Home and Away” is arguably Baker’s breakthrough series as soon after, his career skyrocketed.

Simon Baker (James Hudson) – Now

Within a few short years, after leaving “Home and Away,” Simon Baker was able to make the jump into film. He has since appeared in movies such as “L.A. Confidential,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Margin Call.” However, he is still best known for his TV roles. His most memorable performances include Nick Fallin in “The Guardian” and Nick Fallin in “The Mentalist.”

Melissa George (Angel Parrish) – Then

Melissa George’s professional on-screen debut was in 1993 when she began portraying Angel Brooks. She only appeared in the series for three years. However, within that short time, Angel dealt with some very intense storylines. Many remember Angel for her romance with Shane Parrish, who she married. Sadly, Shane also died in her arms which caused her to move away from Summer Bay in 1996.


Melissa George (Angel Parrish) – Now

Melissa George has become a Hollywood regular since leaving “Home and Away.” She landed appearances in TV series such as “Alias,” “The Good Wife,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her most recent role was in the 2017 drama “The Butterfly Tree.” Outside of acting, Melissa is a businesswoman and inventor. She is the creator of Style Snaps, a device that allows you to change the length of your pants without sewing them.


Isabel Lucas (Tasha Andrews) – Then

When Isabel Lucas received the opportunity to audition for “Home and Away,” she was actually called in to audition for the role of Kit Hunter. Producers didn’t like Isabel for the role of Kit. However, they believed she had great acting abilities. The role of Tasha Andrews was created just for her. Lucas portrayed Andrews for three years and was awarded a Logie Award for her performance in 2004.

tasha andrews

Isabel Lucas (Tasha Andrews) – Now

Soon after leaving “Home and Away,” Isabel Lucas landed roles in hit films such as “Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen” and “Daybreakers.” 2017 was a big year for Lucas, as she appeared in both films and TV series. She had roles in “Chasing Comets,” “That’s Not Me,” “Emerald City,” and most recently “MacGyver.” Lucas also is an active environmentalist and is vocal about her passion for protecting the environment.


Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) – Then

Luke Mitchell was no stranger to soap operas before “Home and Away,” as he had previously appeared on “Neighbours” and “H2O: Just Add Water.” On “Home and Away,” he portrayed the fun-loving, Romeo Smith. The attractive surfer was clearly a chick magnet and may be best remembered for his relationships with Annie Campbell and Indi Walker. Mitchell last appeared on the show as regular in April 2013. However, he returned for a brief cameo in October of the same year.


Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith) – Now

Luke Mitchell decided to leave “Home and Away” to pursue what he believed would be a great opportunity. He left to star in the CW series “Tomorrow People.” Unfortunately, the show was canceled after one season. Luckily, his role on the show was done so well that other show producers came knocking on his door. He has since landed roles in series such as “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and “Blindspot.”


Indiana Evans (Matilda Hunter) – Then

Indiana Evans made a splash into her professional acting career by landing roles in two hit series during her first year on-screen. She had roles in “All Saints” and “Snobs.” In 2004, the following year, she began playing Matilda Hunter on “Home and Away.” Evan’s character left the series in July 2008, as she left Summer Bay to attend university.

Matilda hunter

Indiana Evans (Matilda Hunter) – Now

Indiana Evans has continued to see success on TV with roles in multiple series such as “H2O: Just Add Water”, “Crownies,” “Secrets and Lies” and “Ash Vs Evil Dead.” Evans has expanded her creativity beyond acting and has also worked in singing and has worked on soundtracks for productions in which she appeared. She is also an editorial model.