Check Out These Photos Of Famous Actors And Their Stunt Doubles


Movies are among the most celebrated art forms out there today for a reason. Movie-making is an amazing business when you consider all of the people involved, from the stars and directors to crew members and special effects team. One overlooked aspect of movie-making would be stunt workers, who help keep actors and actresses safe while delivering some epic moments that live on in film history. Let’s take a look at some stunt doubles that often look so much like the stars they fill in for that you have to do a double take.

Double Your Thor

If you ask many female movie fans, the only thing better than having one Chris Hemsworth around would be having two of them. Playing Thor requires Hemsworth to have a talented stunt double, and that man is Bobby Holland Hanton.

Because of the high-profile nature of Hemsworth’s role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his stunt double has achieved a certain amount of notoriety, as well. Hanton even has over 100,000 Instagram followers!

Unnecessary Job?

Sometimes, it’s not so clear why a star might need a stunt double in the first place. If you hire a former WWE wrestler as an actor, aren’t you already getting someone who can do stunts, after all?

Well, when millions (or even billions) are on the line an schedules are tight, producers don’t want to take the chance of stars getting hurt. Hence the need for Dave Bautista’s stuntman, Robert de Groot. Yes, that’s his real name.

Every Actor Needs One

Every actor or actress worth his or her salt knows the value of a good stuntman, and Harrison Ford is no exception. Back when he was filming movies in the Indiana Jones series, he relied on Vic Armstrong as his stunt double.

This funny caption epitomizes how much Ford appreciated Armstrong during those years. Harrison signed the photo with the message, “If you learn to talk I’m in deep trouble!” In all seriousness, Armstrong did get a few spoken lines in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Ford hurt his back.

Laughing On Set

This fun photo from the set of Return of the Jedi shows Carrie Fisher in her famous slave Leia getup having a laugh with stunt double Tracey Eddon between takes. Clearly, they had a great time working together.

“It was very, very hot,” Fisher said of the filming environment, so she was probably happy to wear a skimpier outfit that day. They were going to have Fisher’s stunt double do the scene where Leia kills Jabba, but Fisher was determined to do it herself.

An Unlikely Double

Emily Brobst is a well-known stunt double who has over 100 films and TV shows to her credit. She’s now in her 30s, so she would seem like a weird choice to double for Chandler Riggs, who was a pre-teen on The Walking Dead a few years back.

However, Emily diminutive stature has made her a good stunt double for many child actors of both genders over the years, and she did a great job on the show. It’s hard to even tell them apart here! This is definitely an interesting pair.

Family Business

For Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, action movies are clearly a family business. He has used cousin Tanoai Reed as his stunt double for many movies over the years, even though the facial resemblance isn’t necessarily identical.

Still, Reed has the height and size to be a great double for the former professional wrestler, and he even said he loves working as a stunt performer since it gives him the incentive he needs to stay in top shape. Being a stunt double for Dwayne definitely means staying in shape.

Three Wizards Walk Into A Bar…

Stunt doubles don’t always have to look exactly like their counterparts, since most of the time, stunts are performed from wide angles or fights are choreographed with a lot of movement involved. This picture obviously proves this.

A perfect example would be Ian McKellan’s stunt actors for the Lord of the Rings series. He even had a much taller version of himself for key scenes where stature was particularly important. These guys definitely made the movie.

No Easy Task

If you think it’s difficult finding someone with a physique similar to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for stunt duties, imagine trying to find someone with a body like a former multiple-time Mr. Olympia! While it is hard, it is not impossible.

That was the task when it came time to film Commando and other films, but producers found a great candidate in Peter Kent. He may not be quite as jacked as Arnold was, but it definitely works for those key stunt shots.

Double The Doubles

Game of Thrones has a lot of action sequences and pretty much every named character has needed a stunt double at some point as a result. Brienne of Tarth and The Hound are a couple of characters that have been in particular need of stunt actors.

Here you see the actual performers with their stunt doubles. This photo shows the foursome after they filmed what would be an epic fight between the two characters in season four of the popular HBO show. This picture is definitely a gem.

Wonderful Duo

What a wonderful pair these two Wonder Women were! Lynda Carter is the icon who brought Wonder Woman to life for the first time in live action, and her stunt double was Jeannie Epper. They worked right off of each other.

Stunt actors aren’t exactly paid a fortune today, so back in 1975, Epper was only getting $250 per day of work to do things such as get hit by cars or jump off buildings. It was no easy way to make a living! The job was definitely worth it though.

Child Double

One funny thing about the world of stunt acting is that children are not allowed to do their own stunts. As such, producers rely on adult stunt actors that are small in stature to do the stunts for them. This is one very funny picture.

Here is Annie actress Quvenzhane Wallis with her stunt double, who is definitely a lot older than 10 years of age in this photo. It’s kind of funny to see a grown up dressed like a 10-year-old, right? I wonder what stunts this woman had to perform.

The More The Merrier

Michael J Fox apparently needed a slew of stunt doubles back in the day. Here you see four Marty McFlys on the set of Back to the Future Part 2. Why are there four of them? Well, stunt double Charlie Croughwell is in the photo, but what about the other two?

The photo also includes stand-in Robert Bennett and photo double Kevin Holloway. Stand-ins are used for rehearsals and blocking, whereas photo doubles are used for shots in which the character is in the shot but not the focus of the action.

The Brides

Just because your favorite actor or actress had a stunt double for an action movie, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have to put some serious work in. Uma Thurman spent all kinds of time getting in shape, learning to fight with swords, and do hand to hand combat for the Kill Bill films.

Still, when they pulled out wide or it was time for something dangerous to happen, you know they called time out and had stuntwoman Zoe Bell step in to handle it. It’s a matter of logistics – you can’t have filming halt for a month because of a broken nose!

Ruffalo Around The Edges

Since stuntmen and stuntwomen only have to look like the actual performers during action scenes and from far away, it’s most important that they’re about the same size as the star and have similar hair. As you can see, Anthony Molinary fills that role for Mark Ruffalo.

For proof that you don’t have to be twinsies with a star in order to be a stunt double, consider that Molinari has not only doubled for Ruffalo, but also for Jeremy Renner and George Clooney himself. They definitely look a lot alike.

Two Times The Pratt

Chris Pratt was once known for being extremely silly on Parks and Recreation (even taking a few big falls without a stuntman!), but has since moved on to mostly action films, so he has to have a stunt double. He definitely chose the right guy for the job.

As such, producers turn to Tony McFarr to help out whenever a stunt is too risky to allow Chris Pratt to do it. McFarr has doubled for Pratt in everything from the Guardians of the Galaxy films to Jurassic World. They are probably good friends by now.

Hard Feelings

As you might expect, stunt doubles sometimes get injured in the line of duty. This was the case for Tony Angelotti, Johnny Depp’s original stunt double for the Pirates of the Carribean films. This guy is definitely rocking the look.

He was injured during a “human yo-yo” stunt rehearsal, with injuries that included a pelvic fracture separation and internal bleeding. He then filed an unsuccessful civil suit against Disney that certainly meant the end of his time working on the Pirates films. He did do additional work in other films, however.

Another One Of Loki’s Tricks

Loki is famous for being a trickster, so you can be forgiven for thinking that he’s up to his usual hijinx in this photo. In actuality, this is a photo of Tom Hiddleston and a couple of his doubles. Everyone looks pretty excited to be there.

Even though there are times when the director will not allow Hiddleston to do a particular stunt, he does like to do them whenever he can, at which point he likes to ask the professionals for their advice beforehand.

Every Man’s Dream

Many guys would love to switch places with this guy and have not one, but two Harley Quinns next to them. Sure, Harley is a bit hard to control, but I think that’s a risk most would be willing to take. This guy is definitely smiling at that moment.

On our right is Margot Robbie, who played Harley in Suicide Squad, and on the left is Ingrid Kleinig, her stunt double. Ingrid has also doubled for Evangeline Lily in the Ant-Man films and The Hobbit. She is quite a success within the stunt double scene.

You Merely Adopted My Persona

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Tom Hardy’s turn as Bane got a lot of attention in The Dark Knight Rises. It’s kind of unfortunate that you couldn’t see most of Hardy’s face for much of the movie, or understand him for that matter.

However, this made it easier to find a stunt double since an exact match was unnecessary. You have to wonder why Hardy played Bane at all when you couldn’t really tell it was him, anyway. Anyone who saw this movie knows that the stunt double put on quite a performance.

Spidey Sweatpants

This is just a strange photo no matter how you look at it. It’s from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and as you can see, there are not one, but two Spideys on set that day, and one of them is wearing sweatpants?!? Why would he be wearing sweatpants?

To make matters weirder, there appears to be a guy just lying on top of the truck, as well. Who knows what they were doing, but it obviously turned out OK on the big screen, so whatever works, right? This movie was definitely a success.

We’re Batman

Richard Cetrone is an experienced stuntman who has 67 credits to his name and counting. Among his work has been five films and counting where he has been a stunt double for Ben Affleck, who is pictured here with him.

One interesting thing is that he’s the rare performer who has been in both the DC and Marvel films, with credits such as Justice League and Captain America: Civil War. He’s also been in Star Wars as well as Star Trek films!

From Far Away, Maybe

Sometimes, Hollywood has a hard time finding a good match for certain stars. If you’re going to try to find someone with the looks of a Brad Pitt, for instance, well…good luck with that. They tried hard and from the looks of it couldn’t do it.

Here you can see that Brad Pitt’s stunt doubles tend to be chosen for their skills more than their resemblance to the star. Pitt is always in great shape, so you only see his stuntmen from afar, anyway. Close up no one will mistake him for Pitt.

Team Edwards

Imagine if fangirls back in the day had realized that there were not one, but two Edwards out there?!? Robert Pattinson has since moved on to a more serious acting career, but he was once quite the heartthrob about ten years ago when Twlight was big.

His stunt double for the Twilight films may not have been an exact match for him, but you have to admit that they definitely got the basics: thick, dark brows? Check. Hair? Check. Pale complexion? Check. This guy is a perfect stunt double.

That’s More Like It

Sometimes, producers are able to find someone who is a dead ringer for the actor that they want to hire a stuntman for. This was definitely the case when they found a double for Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter films. These two could be brothers.

From the mushroom-ish red hairstyles to the nearly translucent eyebrows and rather awkward smiles, this is quite a match. I’m sure it was this poor chap sprinting away from the giant spiders, too. This is stunt doubling done right.

One Is Enough

I think one thing that we can agree on is that one Shia LaBeouf is probably more than enough. Still, at one point, Steven Spielberg and others had a huge thing for this guy and they had to protect him, so he was assigned a stuntman for movies such as the Transformers series.

Nowadays, Shia does more artsy types of films, so he likely isn’t going to need a stunt double any time soon. Maybe he’s relieved because he doesn’t have to hang out with Shia? Who knows? To be completely honest, this guy looks nothing like Shia.

But Does He Have Abs?

During the Twilight crazy, tween girls went almost as crazy for Taylor Lautner as they did for Robert Pattinson. You’d have to think if they had seen his stunt double on the street, they would have mobbed him, too!

He was needed not only for the Twilight films, but also for Tracers and other movies Lautner has done, and they seem pretty close in this photo, which you have to admit is pretty cool to see. This guy definitely had the gig of a lifetime.

Triple Bruce?

At first glance, it would appear that Bruce Willis has not one, but two stunt doubles. But you never know…the third guy is wearing a different shirt, so maybe he’s just a bald dude who picked the wrong seat that day?

It could be that one of these guys is a stunt double and the other is a stand-in for long shots and other scenes in which they don’t actually need Bruce Willis to emerge from his comfy trailer, too. This is such an amazing picture.

Buff Travolta

OK, so stuntmen are usually in really good shape, but we have to wonder whether this stuntman was chosen to flatter John Travolta instead of actually looking as much like him as possible. You don’t want to take bumps if you’re in bad shape.

First of all, his physique is about twice as impressive as Travolta’s. And as for his hair, did they even try to make it similar? John Travolta’s double has shorter hair and not a single gray in sight! We think people might notice what is going on here.

Aye, Aye, Captains

Chris Evans is no stranger to action scenes, having appeared several times as Captain America while also doing action scenes in everything from the first Fantastic Four films to Scott Pilgrim. This guy is extremely well known in the world.

This guy has definitely put in some time helping ensure that Chris Evans’ face stays pretty. And hey, I have to say that there’s a pretty good resemblance there! Also, good on Chris for not making the stunt double carry the bags.

Gender Swap

We saw earlier that Chandler Riggs had a female stunt double as a young man, but it can work the other way, too. For the music video for “Follow the Leader,” Jennifer Lopez had a stand-in for some scenes and turned to a male performer.

Even though they obviously don’t look the same up close, it worked well enough for the video since they wore the same clothes and he even got his hair done in a similar fashion to J-Lo’s. This is definitely worth some laughs.