Coincidences So Crazy, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes


Today we’re going to show you that beautiful things do happen. We aren’t going to really explain it, we’re going to present you with concrete proof through pictures you’ll need to see to believe.  These people didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. by absolute happenstance, they bumped into something that was truly unique. It all paid off in the end for these individuals as it entertained them and gave them a new lease on life. You don’t want to miss this read.

Poster Of Self

When surprises pop up at the doctor’s office, they are hardly ever a good thing. Things were different for this man. He went to his family doctor for a check-up and his doctor made a very clever insight. He said, “You look just like the guy in the poster.”

The man turned around and what he saw put him into a state of absolute shock.  He saw a picture of a man who looked exactly like himself suffering from a bout of acid reflux disease. Imagine how funny it’d be if he was there for acid reflux problems as well.

Two Hearts, One Mind

These two bothers were scheduled to show up and visit their parents. One showed up and everything was as normal as could be, then the other showed up and disbelief ensued. The brothers who lived separated showed up wearing the exact same clothes.

It was a very funny moment for the whole family. Strange how they just both decided to wear the same clothes on the same day. I suppose at the end of the day, you can pretty much bet that two brothers will think alike. Thee guys even got the same tattoo taste.

Chicken Crossing

For years many people telling the joke about the Chicken that crossed the road. Usually, the person says simply that the chicken wanted to cross the road to get to the other side. These individuals actually got to see why the chicken crossed the road.

Did this chicken indeed have a purpose for crossing the road? Let’s hope that chicken looked both ways before crossing otherwise, he might not make it. Already looks as if he just dodged being hit by the truck that’s taking a picture of him.

Incredible Coincidence

This loving couple has been married for years. That said, they took a picture together long before they ever met. They just happened to have traveled to the same monument and take a picture at the same time on the same day years before they ever met.

You can even see him in the background of her picture. Perhaps this was fate trying to push them together. This would leave for one heck of an interesting story to tell the children in the future. It really is funny how life works sometimes.

Peekaboo, I See You

Driving across the United States, you’ll see many unique and amazing license plates, yet rarely will you ever see them complete each other by coincidence. Such is the case with these two cars who just happened to be next to each other on the road.

They were both unaware of being so close, but the person behind them saw this happenstance. This picture must be extremely rare. At the end of the day, what are the chances that these two cars would actually be together on the road?

Mother Nature’s Mercy

When Mother Nature is in a bad mood, she’ll hit any part of the world with a disaster that will shake things up and ruin homes. Sometimes she’s pretty merciful and will give us a break. Here is a perfect example of her mercy.

She could have wrecked these cars, but instead, the trees simply blocked them instead of damaging the cars. This could have easily cost these people thousands in damages. Maybe this is natures way of saying that we should just all be friends.

Twin Puppies

Puppies are pretty amazing. Sometimes they wink and tilt their heads in a very cute manner. These two people had to go to the store and both decided to bring their little puppies with them. Nobody wants to leave a defenseless little puppy home all alone.

Things took an awesome turn when these two people bumped into each other and discovered that their dogs were, in fact, identical and even had the same blink. That said, maybe they aren’t blinking but have just both lost eyes.

Cliff Bar Completes Image

This man has spent hours hiking and it wasn’t easy. He climbed the highest mountains, suffered from dehydration and even had to fight off some wild animals. It all paid off. when he got to the top of the mountain, he took a sigh of relief.

He quickly took out his cliff bar and held it up. He had finally found the hill that inspired the image on the cliff bar. Life couldn’t have been better at that point. He had been looking at cliff bars for years and wondering about their origins.

Likewise Fashion Sense

While driving, these two got into a little accident. They immediately pulled over to the side of the road to exchange insurance information. At first, they were both understandably angry, but then they noticed something was incredibly strange when they saw each other.

Suddenly, the two forgot all about the fender bender and began laughing. They were wearing the exact same clothes. The two literally could have been long lost, brothers. Who knows, at the end of the day perhaps they were long lost brothers.

Love Meant To Be

Take a long look at the guy on the far left. He stands there thinking, waiting and wondering when his chance for love will come. It wasn’t actually that far from him at that very moment. You see, in the group to the right is his future wife.

Except they haven’t met when this was taken and they wouldn’t meet for another seven years. Talk about very strange circumstances. You never know who you might fall in love with. You might already be with them in a picture and not even know it.

Wearing The Same Thing

These two strangers didn’t exactly know about each other, but they obviously had a mutual friend as they were both invited to the same wedding. Each one of thme dressed their best and carefully chose out a casual yet dressy combination of clothes.

Suddenly, amidst the tears and romance of a wedding, the two caught each other’s eyes and noticed they were dressed in a completely identical manner. They also had very similar facial hair and haircuts. They could have been brothers.

The Two KIAs

KIAs are mor common than ever and its starting to be a problem. Imagine walking back to your car. You see it, put your key into the lock and realize it doesn’t work. Something is wrong. You take a step back and realize that your KIA is the KIA next to this one.

They are practically identical and the only difference is a two. The license plates are exactly the same besides for a number. If tnat person didn’t memorize their plate numbers we believe that they’d be in a whole lot of trouble.

A Whole Lot Of Yellow

Sometimes the universe is just on your side and it creates these beautiful moments for you. Imagine pulling up to your big yellow apartment complex and seeing three yellow identical cars parked outside. Is this staged or a complete coincidence?

It would be understandable if it was staged by three friends who just happened to buy the same yellow cars, but this would be seriously freaky if they just happened to all find the same parking spot. This could very well be staged for all we know.

Double Fortune

This kid went and ate at his favorite Chinese restaurant. The food was amazing, but one this he particularly loved was the fortune cookies that came with the food. He ripped open one that said, “Love is on its way.” That is always a reassure cookie to get.

He then went on to open the second one and it simply said, “Love.” This coincidence is amazing, but it is still sad that love came in the form of a paper and not a woman. We’re sure he laughed it off at the moment and cried a little later.

His Toy Self

This guy was strangely taking an innocent stroll through Toys R Us and as he browsed the Barbie aisle, he suddenly found a Ken doll that looked almost exactly like him. He was hardly a fan of collecting Ken dolls but he had to have this Ken doll.

He isn’t usually in the habit of buying toys, but he wasn’t about to walk away without this Ken doll. He looked both ways, grabbed the doll and discreetly purchased it. Now he has a toy which will forever resemble himself. Can anyone ask for more.

Healing The Wounds

Usually fortune cookies are absolute rubbish, but sometimes they can be downright strange. They can basically predict what we’re going through and speak to us on a higher level. This guy suffered a horrible chin injury at work.

That night, he went to the local Chinese diner to get some food. When he opened up his fortune cookie, it said, “Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up.” Talk about strange. This friendly cookie was trying to comfort him in his time of need.


This person walked into his local 7-Eleven to stock up on some unhealthy snacks. We’re talking beef jerky and some Lays chips. He also got a paper cup of something hot. He took his things to the cashier and when the worker said, “That’ll be $7.11.”

They both laughed out loud. What are the chances of that happening? Whatever he bought turned out to be the perfect representation for 7-Eleven. We hope he got a free slurpy for that. Chances are that didn’t happen at all.

Couple’s First Picture

When this baby was born and this little baby boy took a picture with her, nobody could have foreseen that they would eventually be married and having a baby of their own. While it is remarkable, it isn’t completely unheard of.

We must take into consideration that the mothers were best friends and these two children were raised together. I wonder when the love actually bloomed between them. We’re guessing it likely happened much later in life. Like late 20s or something.

Great Minds Think Alike

This bug was flying about and he just happened to see a guy with a real hip fashion. Why not land on him? The guy and this insect really do compliment each other greatly. Was this a one chance meeting or was this meant to be more?

We wonder now if they are some unseperatable duo. Probably not. Unfortunately, we do not live in a Disney movie. This man probably took the photo and then smashed the bug with the palm of his hand. That little bug will forever be remembered through that photo.

Patient Turned Workmate

This nurse had been working at the hospital for almost thirty years. One day she discovered that a baby she had delivered 28 years earlier was now her workmate. Strange how quickly time can fly for some. We’re certain this had to be a moment of pride for her.

I’m sure there comes a great wave of joy in knowing that baby you delivered ended up staying on the right path and finding a good career in medicine. When he has his first child, we hope that she is there to deliver that baby as well.

Taylor Swift Truck

This one wasn’t going to escape the cameras. Someone was bound to notice when two separate company trucks drove side by side and created the name of one of America’s most beloved artist. This here is Taylor company truck and Swift company truck.

The two combined spelled out Taylor Swift. For a lot, this wouldn’t mean much, but this will definitely get a Taylor Swift fans attention. We’re certain many drivers drove on by without even making the connection.

Fishy Situation

Marco’s Fish Bar is a popular diner in their respective city. Somehow, despite being a non-coastal part of the country, they always had fresh fish. Most didn’t know how they did it, but they loved them for it. It was the go to spot for some fine fish dining.

Zoom out and you’ll find that Marco’s First Bar is right next to a pet store. Just where is Marco lifting his fish from? Are there fisherman at work or is he just cooking pet fish? We hope that he isn’t buy these fish with the promise that they’d get a loving home.

Likely Fired

The truck wisely reads, “On the road to success, there are no shortcuts.” It is a wise message that the driver completely overlooked with the hope of getting his load home fast. He tried taking a shortcut and he paid for it dearly.

We’re almost certain that he will be fired and will need to find a new line of work. Trust driving companies are unbelievable strick about time and taking the familiar routes. This must have been funny for anyone walking by. The irony of the situation is absolutely priceless.

Books Comes To Life

This boy was hanging out under a tree and reading about the wonderful world of birds. He was taking in an interesting piece about a particular bird when that very bird came and landed on the book and looked at the picture of himself.

This truly made for an unforgettable memory. How often does something like this truly happen with people? You can only imagine how tense he was when he took the picture Last thing this young man would want to do was scare the bird at such a perfect moment.

Hungry For Blood

It was a regular day in Australia. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service was dealing with the usual clients, but then someone a little odd came inside. The workers inside of the building didn’t get the chance to look at his license plate.

Yup, you read that right, it says vampire. Despite the questionable motives behind being a blood bank, we can at least be happy that he isn’t getting it direct from the source. He is what we would call a civilized vampire. He has no desire to take it from a live person.

Walmart Twins

The strangest place in America is literally everywhere in America. You guessed it, we’re talking about your local Walmart. You always see extremely strange individuals in a Walmart. This guy perhaps came across the creepiest thing imaginable and he likely wasn’t even aware it was there.

He was feet away from a clone of himself. Maybe it was a guy who just looked like him, or perhaps it was a rip in time and space that gave a glimpse into an alternate universe. In this universe his taste in electronics is slightly different.

Trash Those Resumes

This is a hopeful message, right? People out there looking for jobs will see this sign and immediately lose all hope of getting to the job. Might as well put the application in the trash yourself, because after a stressful interview, it is likely going in there anyway.

Maybe it was a coincidence that this woman in the poster is directing her hand towards the trash can or maybe its a message that the company is trying to send to people with lackluster resumes. Hundreds of people will apply, but one will get the job.

Suspicious News Anchor

You can visibly see the concern on this new anchor’s face as he realized that the robber that everyone was after looked exactly like him. We have to wonder what happened here? He looks as if he can’t believe his eyes at that moment. Who saw him commit the crime.

Did everyone believe that it wasn’t him or was he pulled away as a suspect and taken to the local police station? We have a feeling that he should have stuck to his day job. This man obviously wasn’t in need of any money. I mean he works as a news anchor,

Text Or No Text

Texting while driving surely isn’t a smart thing and we have to respect an advertisement that urges people against texting. The irony here is that the same advertisement advises that people should text for more information.

We’re sure this ultimately taught nobody nothing, especially since it is literally asking them to text. I’m certain that people just went along driving, texting and making the highways a lot more dangerous for everyone. Soon people will evolve enought to where they can perfectly text and drive

Do They Fit?

The truck advertises that they fit, but obviously, they didn’t fit. The bridge cut them off halfway in and their load began to sway. Who is to blame here? Are we going to point our fingers at the truck or at the bridge? Obviously, the drive is going to get it.

Was it the bridge that was built too low or the truck too high. I’m sure for the guy in the truck it doesn’t matter. He’s going to have to start looking for some new work ASAP. We sure hope that the person in that car abandoned their vehicle and ran for safety.

Someone Isn’t Normal

Something is definitely going on in this picture and it is kind of strange. These two girls to the right look like they might be conjoined somehow. They definitely aren’t twins as they don’t look alike in the facial department.

In the end, I think the woman all the way to the right is just standing with her hands on her hips and leaning into the other girl. The girl in the green dress in just touching her elbow. That said, why is her head leaned so oddly to one particular side.

Hitting The Waves

This advertisement couldn’t have been placed in a better spot during a Tsunami. Just as the waters are washing the city away, one man decided to snap this amazing shot. This happy surfing advertisement fits so perfectly with the scene.

It is almost as if she is actually alive and on those murky waters trying to find some dry land amongst the disaster. To be quite frank, this woman doesn’t look the bit least concerned about the water levels in her town.

The Camouflage Swimsuit

If it weren’t for this young lady’s arms and face, one would likely think they were just looking at the beach and walk right into her. This was no doubt a clever idea and if she was looking for compliments and comment we’re certain that she actually got some.

You definitely can’t wear such a clever swimsuit like that and not expect a bunch of people to say something about it. We have no doubt that this girl is going to get an amazing amount of Instagram likes and follows from this picture.

A Time Traveler

What we have here is a picture of Peter Dinklage next to a portrait of a little person from hundreds of years ago. That said, they look almost exactly alike. Is this mere coincidence or is there something more to this picture. We think that there is.

Perhaps it is an ancient family member from years ago in Europe or perhaps Peter Dinklage is just a time traveler and he has us all fooled. He may look innocent and harmless, but you can never judge a book by its cover. That is the ultimate mistake.